The Presence and Dangers of Caffeine Powder

For many people, caffeine powder is still a fairly new concept, but caffeine has been around for decades. There are many risks associated with this new and pure form of the drug.

It’s extremely important for consumers to learn about this pure form of caffeine, and it’s even more important for parents to learn about it. Recently, an Ohio teenager died from consuming too much of this powder.

Depending on the results of their pending investigation, the FDA is considering placing regulations on powder caffeine. Until the FDA completes its investigation, it’s telling consumers to stay away from the powder.

However, that isn’t going to stop a lot of people from using it. One expert says that the death of this Ohio teen illustrates the massive misuse and overuse of caffeine throughout the entire food chain. The problem is the way that caffeine is being introduced.

Virtually everyone knows what caffeine is, and many people have several hundred milligrams of the drug every day. A single cup of Starbucks coffee can contain as much as 200 milligrams of caffeine. Most people are so used to caffeine that they overlook the dangers.

Put simply, caffeine is viewed in an indiscriminate matter, which greatly increases the health risks associated with the drug. This is especially true in the case of young people.

Recently, many energy drinks have come under scrutiny because there have been several deaths linked to the consumption of these drinks. When compared with energy drinks, pure caffeine powder is much more potent, so it’s also much more dangerous.

The Real Dangers of Caffeine Powders

When used in small amounts, caffeine is relatively harmless. However, there is really no way to accurately measure pure caffeine powder, which is why it’s so dangerous. Nonetheless, this pure form of caffeine is very popular among adults and teens.

Many teens are attracted to the pure form of the drug because they like to use it before workouts. It’s not uncommon for young athletes to consume some of the powder before practice or a game. Since stimulants are known to cancel out the effects of drugs like marijuana and alcohol, a lot of people use caffeine powder while attending parties.

A number of college students use the powder to stay up late studying. One of the problems is that caffeine powder is inexpensive, easy to purchase and unregulated. In fact, it’s labeled as a dietary supplement, which enables it to bypass strict FDA regulations.

Many other caffeinated products are regulated by the FDA, but the pure powder form isn’t. The powder is sold almost exclusively online, and consumers are forced to purchase it in bulk.

When purchased in this form, the caffeine is actually much cheaper than it would be if purchased in popular energy drinks and caffeinated products.

A common shipment of this pure powder that a consumer might purchase contains nearly 100 grams of the drug, which is the equivalent of nearly 380 tall cups of Starbucks coffee.

It’s Easily Lethal

Most people don’t realize this powder can be lethal in very small doses. It’s important to understand that caffeine is just like every other drug; each person reacts to it differently. It varies from one person to the next, but the lowest lethal dose of caffeine for humans is around five grams.

However, for someone with a heart condition and in children, it might only take three grams of caffeine to be lethal. It’s nearly impossible to consume this much caffeine from coffee or energy drinks, but a pure, powdered form of caffeine makes it very easy to consume a lethal dose of the drug.

At the end of the day, it’s better for consumers to avoid this form of caffeine. If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction, get help quickly.

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