What Principles of Equine Therapy Apply in Drug Recovery?

If you are thinking about entering a drug addiction rehab facility to get help for your drug addiction, then you are making a great choice that can change your life. As you think about getting help for your drug addiction, you might be excited to hear about equine therapy, which you might be able to take part in while you are in drug rehab. There are even some principles of equine therapy that apply to adults trying to recover from drug addiction.

The Premise Behind the Horses

First, you must understand the premise behind using horses as therapy in rehab. The idea is that horses can foster emotional growth, which can be helpful as you learn how to live without drugs in rehab. It is calming and relaxing to brush the horses’ hair, take care of them and even learn to ride them. Horses bring you a sense of peace when you are around them. This can change your entire mindset about your life and your recovery. Additionally, when you focus on the horses and learning all about them, you are less likely to focus on your current struggles. As you turn your focus to the horses, you will grow in confidence, face your struggles and even beat drug addiction. Equine therapy is a tried and tested way of helping recover from substance abuse.

The Principle of Accomplishment

Many drug addicts have low self esteem because they haven’t excelled at anything in a very long time. In fact, many addicts have forgotten what it feels like to be successful at something. In equine therapy, when you learn about horses, connect with them and even ride them, you will find that you finally feel a sense of accomplishment again. Your self-confidence can grow by leaps and bounds when you feel good about yourself and come to the realization that you can do anything you put your mind to doing. You might be more willing to give up drugs and try for a better life when you feel even the smallest bit of success. A little success tends to breed a feeling of a lot of achievement.

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Taking Care of Something Else

As an addict, you have probably struggled just to take care of yourself lately, which means you probably don’t have a lot of experience taking care of anyone or anything else. However, as a part of the equine therapy, you will learn how to take care of the horses, and you will see that the horses rely on you. It can be fulfilling to finally be able to take care of something else for a change and even make you feel like you are in control of your life again. What you might find is that you can apply these same principles when you leave rehab to your own life as you try to take care of yourself and your family in positive ways.

Getting Some Exercise

Another great thing about equine therapy is that you will be getting much needed exercise each day as you feed the horse, ride the horse and walk it to cool it down after a ride. You will start to feel better physically, and will even start to feel stronger. When you feel strong, you are more likely to want to continue with those good feelings by exercising and living a healthy lifestyle. The horses are just the start of a brand new life for you.

You deserve the very best treatment options that are available to you to help you beat your drug addiction. Go ahead and make the decision to get help today using equine therapy for your drug problem. Put your fears and worries aside for the moment, and think of the new life that is waiting for you in the form of equine therapy.

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