What Programs Are Available for Alcohol Addiction Recovery?

If you’re beginning a life of sobriety, there are many different alcohol addiction recovery programs that can help you stay sober and prevent relapse. For as long as alcohol has been around, doctors and scientists have tried to find a cure for the disease of addiction, to no avail – but recovery is possible. Recovery from the disease of addiction is an ongoing process, and it’s important to stay vigilant and put your sobriety over everything else. Most people don’t achieve sobriety by accident; their lives have become unmanageable and they’re looking for a new way to live. As long as you work a solid recovery program, the rest of your life will naturally fall into place.

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Alcoholics Anonymous

The original alcohol addiction recovery program is Alcoholics Anonymous, which is also better known as AA. AA is the original 12-step program that began in the 1930s when one of the founders met with a friend who told him he had found a way to stop drinking. The program simply began with one alcoholic talking to another and has blossomed into a global phenomenon that’s managed to become the most successful recovery program in history.

When the original members of AA started this program, they would meet in houses and share their experiences, strength and hope with one another. Back in those times, it was very hard to find a meeting. Sometimes people would have to travel nearly 100 miles to find a meeting, and it would only be held once a month. In modern times meetings are prevalent, and in most cities you can find one seven days a week. These meetings are simply alcoholics sharing with one another to help each other achieve sobriety, but the work comes when recovering alcoholics begin the 12 steps. AA believes that alcohol is only but a symptom of the disease, and the 12 steps teach the recovering alcoholic how to lead a better life.

Sober Living Homes

One of the best options for a newly sober alcoholic is to enter a sober living home. Part of alcohol addiction recovery, especially in the beginning, is avoiding potential relapse triggers. Some of the strongest temptations come from alcoholics’ living situations. Spouses, roommates or even neighborhoods are all potential triggers that can make alcoholics want to drink.

Sober living homes offer recovering alcoholics and addicts the safety and security of a house with other people who are trying to recover from this unfortunate disease. This is a great opportunity to be with those who are peers in sobriety and can relate to what others are going through. A strong bond begins to form between the members of these homes, and they can often help one another when someone is going through a hard time in recovery. The rules and guidelines of these homes vary from house to house, but typically the residents are able to come and go during most hours, and can even find a job while they’re living in the house.

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Rehabilitation Treatment Centers

Consulting a professional addiction specialist should always be the first step you take when attempting to begin a life of sobriety. These centers can help to educate you regarding your best options for treatment, and whether inpatient or outpatient treatment would be more beneficial for you. All alcoholics have their own unique story and addiction comes in many different forms, so it’s important to choose the treatment program that will best suit you. Sometimes you only have one chance at a life of sobriety, so let us help guide you to the right source of treatment.

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