What Programs Are Available at Fulshear Ranch Academy?

Fulshear Ranch Academy Rehab Programs

Women often feel intimidated in rehab settings when going through treatment with men or people who aren’t in their age group. In such cases, specialty rehab facilities are often more beneficial. Treatment and recovery tend to be more effective when patients are surrounded by their peers.

Fulshear Ranch Academy has created a safe and welcoming program that’s especially for women between the ages of 18 and 24. This 34-acre horse ranch provides serene living conditions among the ranch’s small herd of horses. Patients partake in the daily care of the horses and participate in a variety of other physically and mentally healing activities.

How The Programs Help: Phases of the Programs

The programs at Fulshear Ranch Academy break treatment into phases, a concept based on the idea that having small goals on which to focus increases the likelihood of completion.

The first phase, Opportunity, allows patients to understand all of the opportunities ahead of them. They’ll be given a thorough orientation to the facilities and programs while guiding them towards their final stage before they’re released.

The next phase of Discovery addresses each individual’s values, what she views as her “core meaning,” and issues surrounding her addiction. The dynamics of family, personal patterns, and roles in both family and independent life will be explored. Within this phase, counselors provide patients the tools to cope with addictive patterns and any damaging behaviors in which they’ve been partaking.

Help Is A Call Away.(888) 465-4344i

In the Navigate portion, patients will start creating a life plan as they engage in their personal treatment goals. They’ll be given new coping techniques to use with their friends and family and learn how to avoid negative relationships that might set them back. Patients are given the opportunity, perhaps for the first time in years, to take charge of their lives again and learn how to be independent.

The Contribute phase allows patients to have a good influence on their communities; in this case, the rehab program. They’ll take part in group discussions, chores, various planning activities and participate in off-campus activities. This gets them out of their old patterns and ways of isolation.

In the Integrate phase, patients will slowly be reintroduced to the real world. They’ll look for a job, attend educational classes and learn how to cope with the difficulties that come with reintegration back into real life. They’ll be taught to work very closely with their support system to focus on their end goals and thrive in life.

Help Is A Call Away.(888) 465-4344i

The Realization portion lets patients show their abilities to fully enact their life plans by living independently. They’ll continue in therapy, but strive to maintain self-discipline and a good outlook on life. Mistakes are bound to happen, so the program gives each patient the tools to learn from the mistakes made and find solutions to problems.

The Launch segment is the time for each patient to shine. Patients will prove they can continue a successful independent life without having codependent relationships with family and friends. The graduation plan will be developed, the master treatment plan will be completed and patients will be ready for the final transition out of the program at Fulshear Ranch Academy.

Finding the right treatment program makes all the difference in how well a patient recovers. If you know someone who’s hesitant to attend rehab, you can find helpful resources by calling the hotline at 800-447-9081.

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