The Psychotic Effects of LSD: Self-portrait of a User

Although the substance LSD doesn’t directly damage the brain as other elements, the sensory pathways and mental stability of a user is indeed compromised. As one of the most potent hallucinogens, this drug can do more to the body than what some may realize. The LSD self-portrait can provide the most likely of situations when someone begins using the drug. However, different mental imbalances for users can greatly alter the reality of what can be experienced.

What to Expect When Using LSD

In the beginning, there could be one of two outcomes when abusing LSD. You could have a positive experience that can become mentally stimulating while providing a greater level of understanding regarding nearly any subject matter. On the other hand, you could have what’s referred to as a “bad trip,” in which nightmares and terrifying thoughts plague the entire experience. These thoughts could dwell on fears from losing control, insanity and even a heightened fear of death. It could easily become the worst experience of your life, as realistic and horrific hallucinations seem to haunt you every second while under the influence.

While your mind is being scrambled and your senses begin to meld together, your physical body begins to undergo changes as well. Your blood pressure begins to increase during the experience, increasing the risk of cardiac complications. Your pulse rate quickens, adding to the experience, which could become dangerous if you suffer from heart problems prior to subjecting yourself to LSD.

Tremors are another side effect that you could experience while under the influence of this mind-altering substance. This uncontrollable shaking could become maddening as simple motor skills are impaired, reducing the ability to drive or operate other machinery. In some cases the shaking is so severe that mundane tasks are difficult to accomplish, such as lighting a cigarette or holding a cup of coffee without spilling.

Personality disorders are common with those using LSD. The drug can greatly amplify certain feelings, or completely change how you behave. Narcissistic, antisocial and schizoid behaviors are common, completely changing how you react in the real world. For those suffering from such personality disorders prior to LSD use, the drug can greatly amplify problems, making many situations worse.

Your Overall Experience

The LSD self-portrait can change based on various circumstances surrounding the usage of the drug. The amount of the substance ingested will play a prominent role in the experience. However, your current mental state will also affect the outcome. Your personality, the environment you’re in and your mood will come into play concerning how the drug interacts with the brain.

Your Outer Physical Self

LSD doesn’t affect the body in the same manner as meth or alcohol. For many abusers the only physical evidence may be that brought by lack of sleep or malnutrition. In the LSD self-portrait, your appetite is diminished and you become sleep deprived. These two problems combined can put your body in jeopardy, as both are essential to basic survival.

The psychotic effects of LSD can continue years into the future in the form of flashbacks. There’s no known cause of why these happen, but flashbacks will cause you to behave as though you’re on the drug even if you haven’t touched it for years. If you or someone you know is under the influence of LSD, call the hotline at 800-447-9081. While there’s no obvious damage from the drug, the mental aspects can be more dangerous than you may realize.

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