Recent artists who have stimulant addiction

Why These Celebrities Abused Stimulants

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Drew Barrymore

While she enjoys fantastic career success these days, Drew Barrymore has a history of adolescent drug abuse and stimulant addiction. She has stated in many interviews over the decades that she started using cocaine at the tender age of 13. She has stated that some of the main reasons that she started were because of the strange upbringing she had by virtue of her family being in show business. Long, erratic work days for her parents and other members of her extended family meant that she was often left to her own devices. She was spending a lot of time with her own friends, some of whom were much older than she was, and coupled with the extreme wealth she had access to, she consequently ended up in situations where hard drugs were present.

Peer pressure for the young actress proved to be both powerful and problematic. Luckily, she reached out to her family and was able to enter a drug rehabilitation program and was able to overcome her narcotic addiction. She has since been a powerful voice in Hollywood for drug addiction outreach and providing support and rehabilitation for those struggling with the disease of stimulant addiction.

Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. is on top of his game now with his string of recent huge movie hits, such as 2008’s “Iron Man.” However, he was once the laughingstock of Hollywood due to his unstable behavior in public, multiple run-ins with the law and blatant stimulant addiction stemming as far back as the 1980’s. Robert first was arrested in the late 80’s for cocaine possession, and it would be over a decade before he would become serious about seeking treatment.

He has credited his propensity for stimulant addiction to his intense, focused personality and his predilection to obsess. These are all qualities that make him a fantastic actor but proved to be nearly fatal to him when it came to his use of drugs. After seeking treatment, Robert Downey Jr. has risen to the top of the Hollywood A-List and is doing bigger and better projects than ever before.

Stephen King

Known as one of the most prolific and successful authors of the past three decades, Stephen King has lived a rich life. He has many experiences which he uses to create lush landscapes for his readers. Here they may escape from their daily lives and find themselves engulfed in a world of mysteries and fantasy. Mr. King can relate to the desire to escape, as he once had a range of issues with stimulant addiction, including cocaine.

He has said in interviews that his sensitive and empathetic nature has often led him to feeling overwhelming emotional pain, and that drugs provided the perfect escape for him to numb himself and feel less burdened with his strong emotional responses to the world around him. He credits his wife and other members of his family and friends with staging an intervention where they showed him a large collection of physical objects that were proof of his stimulant addiction problem. Numerous empty cocaine packets and tools are what he would use to snort the drug off in order to get high. Since the late 1980’s he has remained sober and away from all drugs and alcohol.

Stimulant addiction can quickly take over, no matter a person’s level of success, fame or wealth. There is professional help available to you or someone you love if they are facing an addiction to stimulants. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Speak to someone you trust who can help lead you to the assistance that will help change your world for the better.

Help Is A Call Away.(888) 465-4344i

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