Recent Public Figures who may Have Self-medicated with Inhalants

When it comes to addiction, inhalant addiction may not seem that severe at first. Because many people know that you can get inhalants from legal sources and because it is associated with young teens, it is not considered as dangerous as other addictions. However, thanks to a few high-profile celebrity cases involving inhalant abuse over the last few years, it has become increasingly obvious that this is a serious problem. The fact that it does not involve controlled substances makes it even more alarming in some ways as this is something that people can access easily.

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Inhalants in the News

When it comes to drugs and celebrities, inhalants are often a bit of an afterthought. Hard drugs like cocaine and heroin are much more commonly discussed. However, there have definitely been a handful of celebrities who have been caught using inhalants, and there are likely many more who do not get caught. A few years ago, actress Demi Moore needed to be hospitalized as a result of inhalant abuse, and Britain’s Prince Harry was seen huffing laughing gas. Actress Michelle Keegan is another person who has fallen prey to this addiction.

What Drives People Towards Huffing?

Huffing is something that has several different draws for people. In the first place, it is easy to obtain the gases in question, and it is simple to do it without arousing suspicion. Though some places have made it harder for teens to access the aerosol cans that are commonly used for this purpose, there are definitely ways around those boundaries. Another thing to remember is that huffing leads to an immediate sense of buoyancy and euphoria. It is a pleasant feeling, and it is especially appealing for people who have been struggling with addiction for an extended period of time. This makes sense when you think about the lives of celebrities, but it makes sense for other people as well.

The Risks

One of the things that must be remembered about inhalants is that they are addictive. The high that is produced is immediate, but it also wears off quickly. Our brains are designed to seek pleasure, and as a result, they will go on looking for that high even if it is not healthy. This means that someone can quickly become addicted to the pleasure that is involved with abusing inhalants even if the inhalants do not provide a chemical dependence. Instead, the person becomes addicted to the rush that is produced. In some ways, an inhalant addiction has more in common with a process addiction than a physical addiction.

The long term effects of huffing can be serious as well. Brain damage is possible, and it is also possible to do damage related to a lack of oxygen, as using inhalants does deprive the body of air. Consistent and heavy use can also lead to organ damage, things that have long-lasting consequences.

Talking About It

Without a doubt, huffing is something that is extremely attractive to teens for a number of reasons. If you have a child or teen in your home, it is a good idea to talk to them about this form of addiction and why it is a bad idea. There are laws that prohibit it, and it is nowhere near as harmless as they might have thought it was. This is a serious issue and you should always arm your children by making sure that they are aware of it.

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Inhalants are just as dangerous as any other addictive substance, so consider what you know about it, think about the celebrities who have been affected, and make sure that you are aware of what it entails!

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