Rehab and Recovery Programs

Overcoming an addiction is never easy, but for those who are suffering from a problem stemming from more than one substance can have additional obstacles on the road to recovery. Multiple addictions, dependency on more than one medication or substance or alcoholism that occurs in concert with a drug addiction can create far more serious medical problems and emotional issues that cannot be dealt with unless the sufferer has access to professional help. Overcoming addiction is possible, and the right rehab and recovery programs will allow those who are struggling for sobriety to achieve greater success from their efforts.

Addiction to Multiple Substances

Becoming chemically dependent on more than one substance is a very common problem. Addictions that stem from emotional issues or as a result of an attempt to self-medicate an untreated or undiagnosed mental health disorder can very readily lend themselves to more than just a single substance. The use of alcohol in combination with other drugs and medications is also a problem faced by many who are struggling with addiction. Regardless of the underlying cause and nature of an addiction, professional help and medical care are often required in order to safely undergo the withdrawal process. Suffering from multiple addictions is often far too much for those who wish to begin the recovery process without proper assistance.

Health Risks and Complications Associated with Multiple Addictions

Use of any medication or substance in an unsafe manner can lead to medical problems of a serious and even life-threatening nature. Use of multiple substances can create a severe health risk, even at dosages and potency that may have been negligible for a single substance. Taking drugs and using medication in order to combat the side and aftereffects of one substance can quickly lead to complications. Alcohol can be especially dangerous when paired with other nervous system depressants and relaxants, as it can potentiate the effects of a wide range of medications to unsafe levels. Medical supervision may be needed for those who suffer from multiple addictions in order to ensure withdrawal from heavy and long-term use can be done in safety.

Rehab and Recovery Programs Play an Important Role

While staying sober after overcoming an addiction to a single substance is often a very difficult task, recovery from multiple addictions is often far more complex and difficult to achieve. Triggers, environments and emotional stresses that may lead to a relapse can vary considerably depending on the substance in question. Professional assistance, long-term counseling and support groups may all be necessary in order to ensure the continued success of any recovery, but they play an even more important role for those who have suffered from multiple addictions in the past. Use of one substance post-recovery can all too easily lead to a full blown relapse that can be difficult or even impossible to arrest without further treatment and assistance.

Knowing When to Seek Help

Addiction is a serious disease, one that has the potential to wreak untold havoc in terms of personal relationships, professional lives and even long-term health. Should you or someone close to you be suffering from a problem with drugs or alcohol, the decision to seek help can make a life-saving difference. Rehab programs, medical treatment and long-term support and assistance can all be essential to the recovery process. Addiction to multiple drugs can often be impossible to overcome for those who are struggling for sobriety without formal assistance or effective support.

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