How is relapse different after relapse from Cocaine addiction?

Substance abuse treatment is an incredibly difficult process. Cocaine addiction is multifaceted and much more complex than simple physical addiction. Many people suffer setbacks in their journey towards recovery, and while this can lead to understandable feelings of failure, it does not mean all hope is lost. There are a good number of people who have relapsed even after they went through a successful course of substance abuse treatment. Again, while it is easy to feel like one is doomed to spend their life in a cycle of Cocaine addiction, it does not have to be the case.

What is a Addiction Relapse?

A relapse refers to going back to drugs and/or alcohol after substance abuse treatment. Cocaine addiction is not an easy thing to overcome and for many, relapse is a frustrating part of the process. Setbacks often occur when individuals try to integrate back into their daily lives without having proper coping mechanisms and the ability to identify triggers in their life that make them want to reach for Cocaine.

Other common causes of relapse include falling back into the company of those who abuse the drug still. It is hard to cut ties with our friends and family, but sometimes these individuals can end up dragging us back into the spiral of Cocaine addiction.

Is All Hope Lost?

It can feel as though there is no hope for recovery when one relapses after having gone through treatment. This is not, however, true. It is natural to be frustrated, most certainly, and all setbacks are detrimental. But it does not mean that recovery is impossible. It cannot be overstated how important the treatment program one chooses is.

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If the treatment program does not address all the factors that contribute to one’s Cocaine problems, they are likely to fall back into the spiral of the addiction all over again. As noted above, Cocaine addiction is a multifaceted problem and in most cases, it cannot be solved by simply detoxing the body of the substance. Behavioral changes and lifestyle changes are just as important as the individual must be able to cope with the real world and everyday life without relying on drug.

Rehab Again?

Substance abuse is not a simple, cut and dried problem. Many different issues not only contribute to, but affect how successful one will be in their quest for recovery. While frustrating and most definitely a setback, relapse is not all that uncommon and it does not mean that one has to be a slave to their addiction forever. Oftentimes, a relapse occurs because not all issues that contributed to the substance abuse were adequately addressed in treatment.

Holistic, whole body-focused inpatient treatment centers are an excellent choice for those who have suffered a relapse, but are ready to try to rid themselves of their Cocaine addiction once again. These centers focus not only on detox, but also on other issues that contribute to substance abuse problems such as physical and mental health, identifying triggers, and more.

Help Is A Call Away.(888) 465-4344i

Not all hope is lost, even if one has sought treatment before, only to relapse. Finding the right program and being willing to keep trying are vital to true success in rehabilitation from substance abuse. One failure, or even more, does not mean that one will never be successful. There are tons of different treatment options with varied approaches that provide different avenues from which substance abuse can be treated.

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