Roadblocks for teen girls during substance abuse rehab

Teen girls who go into substance abuse rehab might feel like their life is over, but their life is just beginning. All the things below need to be addressed to make sure that teen girls can be successful when they are in rehab. Each stumbling block may seem small to an adult, but these can be serious issues for teen girls.

Body Image

There are many adults who do not understand how teen girls see their own bodies, but body image is a major stumbling block for many girls. They feel ugly, fat or any number of other negative things, but they can use substances to gain control in their lives. They can drink or do drugs because they have the ability to control those situations.

When a teen girl is in a substance abuse rehab, she needs to be reassured that she is a beautiful and wonderful person. You would be surprised at how many girls see themselves. The most beautiful girl you have ever seen may think that she is ugly. She may be able to find fault with every part of herself, and she needs to be reassured at every turn that she is lovely in every way. This is not cheerleading for a lazy generation. This is something a girl needs to hear if she is going to heal.


The perception of what teenagers do is often skewed. Other teenagers can be vicious, and the teens in a substance abuse rehab are scared of what people will think of them. Also, these girls are scared that people will never see them the same way again. The best way to help get around this perception is for girls to be in counseling. A counselor can help girls to change their body image and perception of what other people think. It is hard for girls to get over these feelings because they are usually more emotionally mature. Addressing these problems is crucial to recovery.

Adult Perception

Adults often do the most damage to teen girls because of their views. Adults may treat teen girls like they are simply whining. They may act like all teenagers are lazy. In fact, many teen girls who go into a substance abuse rehab are usually extremely intelligent girls who get amazing grades and are pillars of the community. The pressure they felt in life pushed them to substance abuse, and the opinions of adults simply confirm to these girls that they are not worth helping. Adults need to keep their opinions to themselves so the girls can heal.

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A teenage girl can recover from substance abuse quickly if she is treated well. She needs to know that she is a beautiful person worth treating. She needs to know that her opinions matter, and she needs to know that people around her are not judging her. When she goes into substance abuse rehab, it is best that the facility matches the beliefs listed above. The girls will recover better when they are in the right emotional environment for their situation.

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