What Are the Side Effects of Cocaine When Used With Other Substances?

Cocaine is an illegal stimulant used to increase energy, alertness and feelings of euphoria. Cocaine is also a highly addictive and dangerous drug. What are the side effects of cocaine? There are several side effects that may include nausea and vomiting, heart disease and even death, among others. As harmful as it is on its own, cocaine is even more dangerous when combined with other substances of abuse.

The effects of cocaine may interact negatively with other substances. In addition to the effects of a second drug, those of cocaine may be enhanced. If the two substances have similar effects, it may cause a much more powerful reaction. However, if the substances have opposite effects, one may “cancel out” the feelings of the other, causing the individual to be unaware of exactly how much has been consumed. Being aware of the possible effects of cocaine when used with other substances may help save a life. What are the side effects of cocaine when used with other substances? Some of these effects are outlined below.

Cocaine Combined With Alcohol

-This combination increases the heart rate, possibly to the point where it could lead to heart failure.
-According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the combination of cocaine and alcohol produces a drug called cocaethylene. This drug is far more dangerous than either drug on its own.
-It’s estimated that over 86,000 people visit the emergency room annually because of a combination of cocaine and alcohol.
-Cocaine and alcohol can both affect the brain, but when combined, the effects are found to be far more severe. These include decreased learning and memory skills, and higher chances of risky behavior. During one study, participants experienced these effects for a month or longer.

Cocaine Combined With Heroin (Commonly Known as Speedballing)

-Combining these two substances can cause the heart to overwork.
-Snorting a mixture of the two drugs can lead to respiratory problems, specifically bronchial hyperactivity, which is a common warning sign of asthma.
-Because cocaine and heroin cause opposite effects, mixing the two creates a high risk of overdose, as people don’t realize how serious the symptoms of each drug are.

Cocaine Combined With Marijuana

-These substances are commonly used together, as marijuana’s sense of euphoria takes some of the edge off of the cocaine use while increasing other desired effects.
-This combination may lead to increased heart rate.

Cocaine Combined With Opiate Painkillers

-Opiate painkillers greatly enhance the effects of cocaine.
-Since the effects are much more powerful, the likelihood of tolerance and addiction is also higher.
-Because the effects are more powerful, the risk of heart problems increases significantly.
-Individuals are also at a higher risk of overdosing. The increased effects can cause symptoms that may be warning signs of overdose. However, the user may not be aware of them, as these symptoms are different than those of each drug on its own.

Cocaine is combined with other substances as well. It’s clear that using cocaine alone, and especially with other substances, is highly dangerous. What are the side effects of cocaine when combined with other drugs? Knowing the answer may encourage someone to get help. If you or someone you know is combining drugs and you’re worried, please call the hotline at 800-447-9081. Operators are ready to assist in any way possible.

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