Signs Your Teen is on Drugs

If you have a teenager, you will want to make sure he or she is happy and okay with life. All too often, kids will experience bouts of depression and vulnerability. When this happens, they will turn to drugs. This is the sad reality that you can watch out for and do your best to help him or her.

Five Signs Your Teen is on Drugs

1. New friends

Now, luckily, most teenagers are not into drugs. While some kids may seem sad or lonely, they usually stick to themselves or do other activities. However, if your teenager suddenly finds new friends, he or she may be hanging out with people who do drugs. To figure this out, ask your son or daughter if you can meet his or her friends. If they say no or are hesitant, you may want to dig deeper. Otherwise, if your kid has the wrongs friends, he or she may end up trying out drugs.

2. Lost Interest in Activities

Without a doubt, teenagers don’t often life to do anything. Many young kids will simply hang out in their rooms and sleep all day. However, while this is true, if you notice a quick change in their emotions, you must take action. Think about it for a minute, if your child loves to ride his bike or go on hikes, you will want to step in. if you have a daughter and she was previously outgoing and friendly, you will want to ask questions if she is suddenly quiet and detached. Remember, teenagers should have some activities, and if they don’t, you may have a problem on your hands.

3. Overall Happiness

When one is a teenager, they obviously feel plenty of pressure to fit in and enjoy life. This is often difficult for the average young person to do, especially if they don’t have all the right clothes and what not. To combat this, young people will frequently turn to illicit drugs. For this reason, if your teenager is unhappy all the time, you will want to take action and talk to him or her. Simply put, if a kid is unhappy, especially after long bouts of happiness, you will want to take action.

4. Overall Health

Let’s face it, when doing drugs, one is putting their health at risk. For starters, when doing hard drugs like cocaine, one will lose sleep and experience other issues. When this happens, especially in the long-term, a teenager will look and feel bad. For this reason, if you suspect your kid is on drugs, check out his or her health. If your teenager is tired and looks out of shape, you will want to talk to him or her. When doing so, you can see if it’s another issue such as a bad diet or lack of sleep. Either way, if you get to the bottom of this, you can get your teenager the help he or she needs.

5. Suddenly Dropping Grades

Now, finally, if you have a teenager, you will want him or her to do well in school. If not, they will have a bleak future since it’s hard to succeed without a basic education. Not only that, when looking to head to college, one will want high test scores. For this reason, if you have a teenager and he or she is failing classes, you probably want to determine if drugs are the culprit. Then, you can ask questions.

Without taking action, you are going to put your teenager at serious risk. Since drugs are a major problem, look about for these major signs, as you may save his or her life.

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