Some Historic Figures with Opiate Addiction

An opiate is any drug that has been derived from the poppy plant, and as a family, these drugs all have the effect of decreasing response, reducing pain and invoking a rather dreamlike state where things feel unreal and distant. Opiates have been around for centuries, and though the use of opiates has been an incredible boon to the medical field, it cannot be denied that they take their toll as well. People in the past were just as likely to be seduced by this drug’s effects as people who live today, and sometimes, when you or someone that you love is in recovery for an opiate addiction, it is important to see where this drug has been. There have been some famous people who have suffered from opiate addiction , as you can see by reading below.

Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens is best known for his long and emotionally honest novels like David Copperfield and Great Expectations. However, though the man was beloved in his own time for his books which were released in serials and highly praised by both critics and laymen alike, his own life was extremely fraught with opiate addiction. His marriage was troubled, and his fights with his wife over their shared life were common knowledge. One of the stressors on his marriage was his addiction to opium, which may have caused the stroke that killed him.

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Howard Hughes

Howard Hughes is a household name, but these days, it is more for his intense paranoia and famously reclusive ways than it was for his early life. Hughes was a lion of a man, an inventor and a darin

g entrepreneur who always looked for the bigger picture. He became a victim of opiate addiction after a series of accidents left him in pain, and though his death was shrouded in mystery, his habits and his drug use made him nearly unrecognizable to the people who found him.

Samuel Tyler Coleridge

Samuel Tyler Coleridge was a popular and classic poet at a time when poetry was enjoying a renaissance in England. His lyrical poems took people to faraway lands, and his addiction to laudanum and opium were well-known. It is thought that Coleridge took these drugs to deal with both anxiety and depression, and the legacy that he has left behind is as much one related to opiate addiction as it is to poetry.

Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale is known for her compassion and her bravery when it came to ministering to soldiers during wartime, but what is far less well-known is her opiate addiction. Some time during her life, it was thought that Nightingale was exposed to the brucellosis bacterium and once this bacterium was settled in her body, she was prone to periodic bouts of pain and fever. It was discovered after her death that she was heavily medicating herself with opium to deal with the effects of the illness.

Aleister Crowley

Aleister Crowley has variously been described as a magician, a sorcerer and the most evil man in England. What he seems to have been in general, however, was a man who was deeply charismatic and capable of seducing people into seeing his way. He was a known occultist during a time when this was very popular in Europe, and he was also intensely addicted to cocaine and heroin. This opiate addiction eventually lead to his ill health and death.

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Opiate addiction is something that has been with us for a very long time, but just as there are people who have suffered it, there are people who have beaten it. Remember that there is always hope as you move towards recovery!

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