Who are Some of The Most Popular Celebrities In Recovery?

Is Recovery Generally Successful? There’s a stigma about addiction that causes countless suffering addicts to not want to admit they have a problem, but there are some popular celebrities in recovery who have publicly come out as addicts to try and help break down some of the barriers and misconceptions. We live in a day and age where celebrities are glamourized for their party lifestyle, and sometimes it can send the wrong message to our youth, enticing curiosity about using drugs. Even though there are frequently stories about celebrities whose careers quickly go on a downward spiral because of drugs and alcohol, the general public often simply looks at them as bad people rather than sick people. Luckily there are some celebrities who have publicly hit rock bottom and managed to recover from addiction to show the world that there is hope of a better life and that you never have to drink or use again if you don’t want to. We see celebrities in recovery and hear about their downward spirals, but it should also inspire us to know that recovery is possible!

  Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. is an example of celebrities in recovery. He is one of the most beloved actors of our time, but those who are old enough remember, there was a long period of time where there were constantly news stories about Downey’s drug fueled dramas. This was a time when popular celebrities were overdosing on a

regular basis and passing away far too young. Many believed that one day Robert Downey Jr. was going to make this list as well. Miraculously he managed to get sober and reignite his career and is now not only a household name for his acting roles, but also known as a nice, kind, loving and really charismatic person. He’s the perfect example of how much better your life can be when you recover from addiction.

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In 2014 Robert Downey Jr.’s son was charged with drug-related crimes, and Robert did not turn his back on his son when it happened. He publicly stood by his son’s side and even told reporters in interviews that he knew his son was prone to addiction because the disease can run in the family, and he will do everything he can to help his son recover the same way that he did and

begin a new life. This was a huge statement to the world that addicts need support, not ridicule.


One of the most famous celebrities in recovery is the biggest Caucasian hip hop artist of all time, Eminem. He made it no secret that he loved taking pills and getting high. A lot of his earlier albums were filled

with stories and glorification of his drug use, and it took quite some time and a lot of effort for him to finally overcome the disease of addiction. He had attempted sobriety multiple times and kept relapsing, but was finally able give the sober life a real chance. In recent years, his albums have focused on the struggles he went through as an addict trying to get sober, and he even titled two of his albums “Relapse” and “Recovery”.

Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry is most notably known for his hilarious role on 90s hit TV show Friends. If you watched this show throughout the seasons, you probably noticed the weight fluctuation of Chandler over the years. This was because he is also one of the several celebrities in recovery who struggled with an addiction to prescription opiates. He eventually was able to go through treatment and begin a life of sobriety and ended up turning his large Southern California estate into a sober living home for other recovering addicts.

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