How Does Spirituality Plays a Role in Drug Addiction Recovery?

A number of people going through drug addiction rehab credit their overall healing in part to practicing spirituality, using a variety of tools, actions, and spiritual reflection. According to experts in the field, drug addiction treatment programs that are spiritually focused have lead to a 10 percent higher abstinence rate over other kinds of substance abuse treatment.

Given the bulk of scientific evidence and long history that proves the amazing advantages of using spirituality, the ever-growing popularity of spiritually-based addiction treatment and their programs is no surprise. Several programs have made changes to their recovery model to include the concept of spirituality in addition to the physical, psychological and social aspects in order to offer the best drug addiction treatment.

How Does Spirituality Impact Drug Abuse Treatment?

More than 85 percent of U.S. citizens consider themselves religious. However, many people mistakenly believe that spirituality and religion are one and the same, when in fact they are two completely different concepts. Religion involves a certain set of rules to follow in order to worship God based on a particular faith, while spirituality is simply the direct connection between an individual and God. Since God is considered the source of infinite power by most people, it only makes sense to incorporating spiritual practices to stop using drugs or alcohol.

So, how is spirituality connected to drug recovery? Recovering from a drug addiction takes determination, will and personal power. That’s essentially what spirituality is also. It’s the art of tapping into infinite power to live a meaningful and purposeful life. Here’s some food for thought: Think of “God” as an electrical outlet in the wall, and you are the cell phone that needs to be charged. In order to sustain power and “recharge” yourself, you must plug into the infinite source of power. Without it, you’re always running low on energy and not reaching your full potential.

Spirituality is Very Personal

Spirituality has different meanings for everyone. Spirituality is the complete freedom to tap into your higher power void of any rules on how to go about it. It’s just you and the power that created you; it doesn’t require a church or religion.

Some people define spirituality as:

  • Acute sense of clarity
  • Heightened awareness
  • Mindfulness
  • Seeing the world with a fresh, new perspective
  • Increased sense of purpose and meaning
  • Recognizing authenticity in others and self
  • Feelings of empathy and overall understanding towards others

Spirituality is relevant to drug addiction treatment because it usually involves key treatments and therapies of similar problems such as anxiety and depression. Ironically, people often abuse drugs and alcohol because they’re trying to find a sense of peace and calm, when spirituality hands it to them on a silver platter. Many studies have found a deep connection between spirituality and the ability to effectively deal with ongoing stress, basically working as a protective shield against the pitfalls of life.

Key Benefits of Recovery Programs Using Spirituality

Experts have long determined how spirituality plays a large role in diminishing drug addiction and abuse. The research conducted also points to various other advantages as well including:

  • Less anxiety
  • A more hopeful attitude towards life
  • Better social support
  • Much higher resilience to stress
  • A sense of happiness overall

The Significance of Gratitude

It’s been said that anyone who truly appreciates and is grateful for their recovery, will never again return to a life of drug addiction. So why do others relapse? Perhaps they took their recovery process and sobriety for granted. The best thing about gratitude is that it allows people to feel motivated and stay positive. They have a better sense about what will happen to them if they relapse and have made the conscious decision to be done living that kind of destructive lifestyle. Not only does gratitude make it easier to stay clean, it also means you can appreciate all the people who’ve ever helped you in your life. An attitude of gratitude is virtually a guarantee that more good is coming to you in your future.

Consider making spirituality a part of your drug addiction recovery process in order to make your life easier and one that’s full of joy and hope, the way it’s supposed to be.

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