What to do when your spouse has drug addiction and stashes drugs

What to do when you find out your spouse has drug stashes around the house.

Creating a life with a spouse will always present its own unique challenges, but finding out a loved one is dealing with drug addiction or abusing drugs regularly can be shattering. This includes finding stashes of drugs around one’s home, one of the most common signs that a dependency is developing or complete addiction has already taken place. If this has recently occurred within your own life, it is imperative to know exactly how to get a spouse the help that they need in order to recover from drug addiction in a healthy and positive manner.

Educate Yourself First
One of the single most important things that a spouse can do is to be educated about the drug that their partner is using as well as drug addiction behavior in general. Without the proper knowledge of these topics, even those with the best intentions may find themselves making these already difficult situations nearly impossible to control. After finding a stash of drugs, spouses should seek out the assistance of a drug addiction specialist in order to begin coming up with a plan of action that will be as effective as possible.

During this period, the key is to not immediately approach the spouse in an angry and accusatory manner. These types of situations can be life-altering, but attempting to rectify them from anywhere but a place of love will often have a negative impact that will affect the process for quite some time. By understanding the basics of a drug addiction, the road to recovery will be much easier.

Understanding Your Spouse’s Drug Addiction
An alcohol or drug addiction is now classified as a disease that can affect an individual at any age, economic level, or stage in their life. When it comes to a drug addiction, this process can take place in as little as a few times of using the drug or over the course of months or even years. Typically, a drug addiction will develop in a number of steps that begins with the initial use and experimentation, transitions into risky use, and finally evolves into a complete drug addiction.

The First Few Steps
A spouse should begin by understanding that they will not be able to help their loved one break the drug addiction on their own, but they can help them throughout the process. After speaking with the addiction specialist, a partner will be able to come up with the best plan of action such as a one-on-one confrontation or intervention, each of which should come from a place of caring and love. It is important to no longer enable their loved one’s behavior and understand that this process will often take quite some time. When these steps have been accomplished, it is time to begin considering detox and rehab options.

Breaking Free from an Addiction
The type of detox and long-term rehabilitation that will be needed will come down to a few factors that change with each person. This includes: the drugs that are being used, the length of the addiction, the severity of the addiction and the couple’s own goals. The detox period can last anywhere from a few days to a week or longer; it should be overseen by a team of medical specialists for the safety of the patient. These specialists can ensure that the guest is as comfortable as possible while carefully monitoring their progress.

Treating a loved one’s drug addiction may seem daunting or even impossible, but those that seek out professional help will be positioning themselves for the best possible chance at long-term success.

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