What structure will my child have at inpatient drug rehab ?

What kind of structure or scheduling will my adult child have while at rehab?

Inpatient drug rehab centers are highly structured environments. The structure or scheduling is an important part of recovery. Your adult child is going to have a schedule to follow while in the program. You should understand the kind of structure and scheduling that your adult child will have while at rehab so that you can be supportive of the program.

Strict Rules

Your adult child will have to follow strict rules after checking into an inpatient drug rehab center. Your child will have to adhere to a schedule every day. Certain items might not be allowed into the inpatient drug rehab center so that your child can focus on recovery without distractions. Many rules are in place to prevent destructive or disruptive behaviors so that everyone is safe. Exactly how the rules are enforced differs between centers although people who are continually disruptive might be asked to leave.

Scheduled Therapy Sessions

Your adult child is going to have scheduled therapy sessions every day. This will include individual therapy sessions and counseling. It will usually include group therapy sessions that will help your child to explore different issues related to drug addiction. There might also be alternative or holistic types of therapy involving art or outdoor activities like horseback riding. These therapy sessions are one of the most important parts of the inpatient drug rehab program.

Educational Opportunities

Your adult child will have educational opportunities during recovery. These are lectures or learning sessions where experts will teach your child about many different things. Your child will learn about drug addiction and the science behind substance abuse. The inpatient drug rehab program might include classes about avoiding relapses, living a healthy lifestyle and recognizing when others have addiction problems. This type of education can prepare your adult child to stay clean, sober and healthy after leaving the inpatient drug rehab center.

Constructive Activities

The schedule your adult child follows will probably include time for constructive activities. These recreational activities can help your child to relax and be creative. The activities are important because they help your child to develop new habits and patterns that do not include substance abuse. They also help with recovery by engaging your child both physically and mentally. This will allow your child to have new constructive things to focus on during the day after returning to normal home life.


Years of substance abuse can cause physical problems. This is why your adult child’s schedule will likely include regular exercise or other physical activities. The activities are designed to help your child recover physically. Exercising can start to strengthen the body and counteract some of the negative effects of the addiction. Many types of exercise programs are usually offered so that your adult child can choose the ones that are the best fit.

Free Time

Part of the schedule for your adult child will include periods of free time. Your child is free to do almost anything within the rehab center during this time. This includes socializing, watching television or exploring the grounds outside. Free time is important because it allows your child to reflect on all the things that were learned during the day.

End of the Day

Most inpatient drug rehab programs schedule a specific time for everyone to go to bed or to, at least, retire to individual rooms for the night. This helps to add structure to the day. It also encourages a return to a normal daily routine. Your child will have to get up at a certain time in the morning in order to keep to the daily schedule.

The structure and scheduling in an inpatient drug rehab program has been carefully designed by professionals. The structure can help your child to recover completely. If your adult child is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, then you should get him/her into a structured inpatient drug rehab program as quickly as possible.

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