What Are the Symptoms of Cocaine Use?

Cocaine addiction is one of the most debilitating addictions of any illegal drug on the underground market today. If you suspect a loved one is using cocaine, you should review the list of symptoms below to see if they match. Identifying the symptoms can be instrumental in stopping cocaine use before it becomes an irreversible physical and mental addiction.

Symptom 1 – Incredibly Fast Degradation of Certain Body Parts

Cocaine is a highly toxic substance to any part of the body. If you notice that any part of the body which serves as an intake for cocaine is degrading or looks injured all of the time, then you may be looking at a person who is addicted to the drug. Points of intake for cocaine include the nose, mouth or any vein in the body.

The nose is especially susceptible to the toxic effects of cocaine. If you notice that a person cannot smell as well as he used to, or his nose is constantly runny or bleeding, then you may be looking at a cocaine addict. Cocaine can also lead to a great deal of degradation in the mouth.

Symptom 2 – An Enlarged Heart

Over the long- and short-term, cocaine use increases the possibility of a heart attack in all users. This is perhaps the most important symptom to consider, as it’s the one linked to many deaths from cocaine use. Although the casual observer will not be able to see an enlarged heart from the outside, it can show itself through periods of fatigue or even blackouts in the addicted person. Enlarged hearts skip beats and stifle the movement of blood in the body, causing a lack of blood flow to certain parts of the body and brain.

Symptom 3 – Increased Irritability and Anxious Behavior

Cocaine rewires the brain to respond more to negative emotions and less to those that are positive. Formerly normal people will exhibit increasingly erratic behavior when in social situations. Cocaine addicts frequently look to remain in solitude and will act incredibly hostile towards family members and friends for no reason.

Cocaine also rewires the brain to increase the craving of the drug. Cocaine users often have a one-track mind about using the drug once they have taken in their stash. Desperate or aggressive behavior are symptoms of this – if a formerly financially stable person is always asking for money or stealing in order to obtain small amounts of money, you may be looking at a cocaine addict.

Symptom 4 – Respiratory Effects and Allergies

Formerly healthy people can experience an increase in allergic reactions to various substances when addicted to cocaine. They may also stop breathing for no reason. There are many different physical effects that may resemble rashes or other unhealthy skin diseases as well. If they occur for no reason, look into the possibility of cocaine use.

If your loved one experiences any of the symptoms above, you need to look further into the issue. If it turns out that someone you care about is using cocaine, you do not have to face this problem alone. Give us a call so that you will have the professionals you need by your side to handle cocaine addiction.

If you are using cocaine, and are exhibiting any of these symptoms, please call us as soon as possible. Remember that cocaine use dulls the part of your brain that associates the symptoms above with any thought of remorse. Don’t give into the temptation of delirium that cocaine delivers. Give us a call immediately.

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