Teen drug addiction treatment center types of monitoring for teens?

What kind of monitoring goes on in a drug addiction treatment center for teens?

Dealing with a loved one that is addicted to drugs or alcohol can be a difficult experience, especially when that person is a teenager. Addiction is tough enough without the added elements of a young, developing mind and adolescent hormones. It is important to discuss options with a medical professional experienced in dealing with addiction before making a decision about treatment. Once rehabilitation is determined to be the only course of action, finding the right facility for your teen is important. It’s a good idea to understand what goes on at a drug addiction treatment center and how they would care for your child. Knowing what to expect will give you peace of mind when sending your teen there for treatment.

Treating Addiction in a Teenager

Teenage addiction is unlike adult addiction for several important factors. An adolescent’s emotions and mental state is still in the stage of development. Drugs alter the way the brain functions, so this development can be interrupted or negatively affected. It is important that a drug addiction treatment center focuses on repairing any damage done to the developmental process. They must also teach the teenager how to properly function in everyday life. These are necessary goals that should be the focus of any recovery plan targeted at treating the young mind.

Monitoring Needs for Teenage Addicts

A drug addiction treatment center must also pay special attention to the needs of the teenager during treatment. This begins during the detoxification process. Drug detox can be dangerous and painful; this is especially true for a young person. Withdrawal symptoms will cause them to feel emotions and changes that can be confusing and hurtful. Helping them understand what they’re going through and compassionately caring for their needs is of the utmost importance. A gentle hand during detoxification will ensure a greater chance of success throughout the recovery process.

Additional monitoring is needed after the teenager is clean and off of drugs, too. During this time it is important to begin working on interpersonal skills and craving and relapse control. A good drug addiction treatment center will consistently monitor for changes in behavior or thinking and adjust therapy to address those issues. By doing this, addiction specialists can solve any problems within the protective walls of the drug addiction treatment center and give the teen the tools needed to deal with the real world while living a drug-free life.

Additional Monitoring Concerns

While staying at a drug addiction treatment center, the teen will be tasked with meeting recovery goals. Giving them incentive to meet those goals is a priority. To do this, many facilities introduce a level or rewards program. When the teen first enters the program, they have little freedom until they prove that they’re committed to getting clean and sober. Over the course of their time in treatment, they’ll have to earn privileges by completing tasks set for them during therapy. This approach has been proven an effective motivator for teens addicted to drugs. It’s also a great way to ensure that they are progressing properly. The staff at a drug addiction treatment center will be able to monitor everything they do while they are in the delicate beginning stages of recovery. Over time and through advancement, the close monitoring remains, but the teens are allowed more time on their own to learn how to live that drug-free life.

Getting a teen off drugs can be difficult, but it isn’t impossible. Sending a child away for treatment is a valid concern many parents face. However, a drug addiction treatment center that focuses on treating teenage addiction will have 24/7 monitoring staff and will use the latest, most proven methods to ensure your teen stays free of drugs and learns the life-skills necessary to have a normal and productive future.

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