Teen Drug Use – The Most Common Types

Drug use among teens has always been a big problem, but today’s society has so many bad influences that are blasted all over the TV and internet, where kids spend most of their time. It’s no wonder that teen drug use is on the rise when so-called “role models” sing about taking drugs in their songs. It’s hard to help your teen if you aren’t aware of the drugs that are becoming popular and the warning signs that come with them, so here are some of the most common drugs used by teens today.


Every day it seems like marijuana is becoming thought of as a less dangerous drug, but this drug can still cause problems, especially for teens. The teen years are a very important time for brain development and interrupting that process can cause problems such as inability to problem solve, decreased capacity for critical thinking, and impaired memory. The earlier a teen takes up smoking pot, the bigger the problems become. It’s imperative to let your teens know this information because nowadays just simply telling them no isn’t going to cut it.

Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs are a popular choice for teens simply because they are easy for them to get their hands on. If anyone in the family receives prescription pain relievers for a medical condition, a teen could just snatch them right out of the medicine cabinet. The danger of prescription drugs is that if they aren’t taken in the correct doses under the supervision of a doctor, they could cause severe breathing problems and even death. Also, if a teen were to become addicted to the drugs, they may engage in risky behavior in order to obtain more. If they are addicted and can’t get more pills, they face health issues like bone pain, insomnia, diarrhea, and vomiting. This helpline can refer you to reputable treatment facilities and support groups for help with an addiction.


Ecstasy is becoming more and more used nowadays since music festivals are becoming very popular, and you would probably be in the minority there if you didn’t take ecstasy. This drug gives people a high that makes them feel like everyone is their friend. The real danger of the drug is that it can cause hyperthermia, an overheating of the body. Couple this with the fact that the drug also dehydrates a person, and there’s a possible recipe for disaster. Serious heart and kidney problems can occur, and in some cases, death. Long term effects of ecstasy still aren’t quite known, but animal studies have shown that high doses for extended periods of time can cause brain damage that lasts for at least 6-7 years.


Cocaine is a stimulant that enhances mood and just generally makes a person feel as if they are on top of the world. This is especially dangerous for teens since they haven’t fully matured in the first place, and the drug may cause them to feel invincible, which can lead to very dangerous stunts that can end in death or serious injury. After the high, the drug leaves a person feeling tired and depressed for days, which leads to teens seeking out another dose to keep the high going. Long term effects of cocaine use include serious health concerns like mental disorders and panic attacks.

Trying to help someone overcome a drug addiction can be a very scary and intimidating process but providing help for someone may save their life. Please don’t hesitate to take the proper steps in getting help if you know someone who is addicted to drugs.

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