What does my teen get from inpatient drug addiction treatment?

What does my teen get by going away from home for treatment?

You have a few options when looking for drug addiction treatment for your teen. You could try outpatient programs while your teen lives at home. This is not usually the best option. A better choice is to send your teen away from home to an inpatient drug addiction treatment program. Going away from home for treatment will help your teen to recover in several ways.

Freedom from Bad Influences

One of the most important things your teen will get is freedom from bad influences. Teens are very sensitive to pressure from friends and family members. Friends in the area who are abusing substances could actually make recovery difficult or impossible for your teen. Going away from home means your teen will be able to recover without having to hear from friends who are encouraging drug or alcohol use every single day, and can also serve as a drug addiction treatment.

A Safe and Supportive Recovery Environment

There are situations when home is not necessary a safe or supportive recovery environment. Teens could have constant stress because of family members or friends. The neighborhood could be saturated with drugs or alcohol. There might even be family relationship issues that will inhibit a smooth recovery. An inpatient rehab center maintains a positive and safe environment for your teen, which is the best drug addiction treatment. Your teen will have all of the physical and psychological support necessary to stop abusing substances and to explore the underlying reasons for the addiction.

An Opportunity to Break Old Patterns and Habits

Part of addiction is developing and following patterns. Your teen might abuse substances at certain times of the day, in response to specific events or in particular locations. It can be very hard to recover and stay away from drugs or alcohol when at home. This is because the home, the neighborhood and the people are all part of the substance abuse pattern in some way. Going away from home for drug addiction treatment allows your teen to break old patterns and habits. The rehab center will make it easier for your teen to stop thinking about drugs or alcohol. It will also give your teen a chance to build new and constructive habits.

Constant Counseling and Attention

Parents or outpatient counselors rarely have time to watch and care for a teen constantly during a period of recovery. Spending long days alone could cause your teen to start abusing substances again even with outpatient treatment. Your teen might never recover without intensive drug addiction treatment. An inpatient drug addiction treatment center away from home can provide constant counseling, monitoring and attention. Your teen will be able to work through problems, get answers to questions and take part in activities throughout the entire day. This can make addiction treatment much more effective.

Eliminate Distractions

Distractions at home can derail recovery efforts. These distractions could include personal responsibilities, fights with the family or constant interaction with friends. Your teen could end up losing focus. Treatments will have little effect when there are distractions at all times of the day. Going away to a rehabilitation center will remove all of these distractions. You teen will be able to focus exclusively on recovery.

Medical Detox and Care

Attempting to treat drug or alcohol addiction at home can actually be unsafe. Your teen could end up going through withdrawal after deciding to stop abusing substances. Withdrawal can lead to serious medical problems if it is not handled correctly. Going away allows your teen to go through medical detox. Your teen will be monitored for a period to ensure that there are no life-threatening withdrawal effects. This cannot be done safely at home.

Inpatient treatment programs that take teens away from home are more successful than outpatient programs. You need to take action if your teen is addicted to drugs or alcohol. You should call an inpatient rehab program today so that your teen can begin recovering from the addiction.

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