The Abuse of ADHD Drugs in High School Students

The Abuse of ADHD Drugs in High School StudentsBelieve it or not, the modern high school student likely processes more stress than any other demographic around the world. There has never been a time at which the high school student was more aware of her competition and the importance of excess in the academic world. Many students are responding to the stress in ways that could be detrimental to their long-term health.

One may actually refer to the ongoing use of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder drugs by high school students as a subculture. It’s not a subculture designated for the derelicts of the school, either. As a matter of fact, some of the most promising students are the ones who are abusing ADHD drugs the most. There are many reasons for this; however, you must understand that any overuse of drugs such as these can cause chronic side effects that aren’t to be taken lightly. If you know of a high school student who’s abusing these types of drugs, skip directly to the end of the article and call the hotline number that’s made available there.

ADHD Drugs: Readily Accessible to High School Students

One of the reasons high school students are abusing these types of drugs is the relatively simple accessibility of the substances. Many of the students who serve as distributors are finding these drugs in the cabinets of their homes. A number of the drugs that find their way into high schools are completely legitimate prescriptions given to adults or teens who require the medications. However, adults may leave these prescriptions available for their children to access.

Signs and Symptoms of ADHD Drug Use

ADHD prescription drugs tend to have similar effects no matter which drug is used. Physical symptoms can include rashes, red eyes, jittery movements in the body, jumpiness, irritability and numbness in extremities. However, the physical effects are far from the only symptoms a high school student who’s abusing ADHD prescription drugs will face.

The emotional volatility of the average high school student will only be exacerbated by the use of ADHD prescription drugs. Students who are abusing these substances may become extremely sullen or experience uncontrollable mood swings. Even the most social students will become withdrawn in social situations and may even get into fights at school. They’ll be unable to think for long periods of time without the drug, resulting in a sort of “brain fog” that can actually override the entire purpose of taking the drug in the first place – to focus.

In some of the worst cases, students can experience seizures and comatose states from taking ADHD prescription drugs. If these drugs are mixed with any other kind of medication, the combination can even result in death.

How Parents Can Help

The Abuse of ADHD Drugs in High School StudentsThe first and easiest way parents can help is to lock these prescriptions away from their children. Child protective tops don’t work on high school students; the only way to keep kids away from drugs in the home is to place them in an area where the teens aren’t allowed. This in itself can be quite a difficult task, but there should be somewhere in the house that this can be possible.

Second, parents can educate their high school students about the true nature of ADHD prescription medications. They should have a long discussion about why an ADHD medication is fine to take if needed and prescribed by a doctor. High school students aren’t stupid – some of them may realize that their parents are probably taking the drugs for the same reasons they are. If such is the case, this logical fallacy cannot stand if parents expect their kids to respect them enough to leave the prescription drugs alone in the household.

Lastly, parents can create an avenue for students to help themselves if they do find their way into a prescription drug addiction. Parents should be able to help their teens locate viable alternatives to deal with the stress of academia without drugs. At the very least, a parent should be able to point a teen in the direction of a drug addiction treatment center that has the resources to detox and rebalance the individual.

The pressure the modern high school student feels is unlike any other generation of students that has ever existed. If you’re a parent, maintain control in your household by exercising compassion over everything. Talk to your child about why you may need ADHD prescription medication in an honest way. Don’t underestimate the intelligence of your high school student, and you should be rewarded with behavior compliance and less of a chance that your teen will be the one abusing ADHD prescription drugs.

800-447-9081 is the helpline to call if you think any high school student you know is misusing ADHD drugs. You may have the life of this young person in your hands – today’s ADHD drugs are simply too potent to “wait and see what happens.” No matter how much pressure the student feels to succeed in high school, there’s no turning back when it comes to the long-term side effects these drugs can engender. Don’t wait one minute after you know for sure – give the hotline a call as soon as possible.

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