Christian Drug Rehab

The Advantages of Faith-based Christian Drug Rehab

It can be difficult for people who are in the throes of drug addiction to look to any outside source or comfort. Much of the lure of drug addiction is the ease with which a person can feel complete, at least for a short period of time. There’s no hard work involved with drug intake – the user doesn’t have to solve any problems with her neighbors or friends, nor does she have to deal with any finances or work issues. All a user has to do is get and use drugs.

Faith-based Christian drug rehab can provide the correct reasoning for a person who’s caught up in this circular way of thinking. Balance can be difficult to maintain for a drug addict because of the constant thought that the pain must be stopped. However, if there has ever been a religion that has seen success in bringing drug addicts back from the brink, it has been Christianity.

Faith-based Rehabilitation Services

The “12-step program” is the faith-based rehabilitation service of which most individuals have heard. However, many may not know that the 12-step program is actually a Christian drug rehab program. Although people of all religions have taken to it because of its popularity in general society, the fact remains that the most successful and widely used drug rehab program around the entire world is based in the Christian faith.

However, the 12-step program is far from the only Christian drug rehab program that’s known to work. Some of the best drug rehabilitation programs around the world are based completely on the recitation of Bible verses. Someone walking in off of the street might mistake it for a church service.

Regardless of the name of the program, faith-based Christian drug rehab services provide a viable alternative for drug addicts who are looking for emotional support. Many of the people who find themselves recovered from Christian rehab services end up becoming monitors and teachers themselves within the program.

What Addicts Can Gain From Christian Drug Rehab

The Advantages of Faith-based Christian Drug Rehab One of the reasons Christian drug rehabilitation is so successful is the use of the buddy system that many other types of rehabilitation programs have incorporated. The notion of the sponsor came from Christian rehabilitation programs and found its way into general society after the scientific community noted how successful the practice is.

The sponsor is a person an addicted individual can call upon at any time of day or night. In some Christian rehabilitation programs, the sponsor is said to stand in as a presence for Jesus. In a few of the rehabilitation programs, sponsors actually have to go through a religious process in order to serve, with a few of them even going so far as to become ordained ministers.

Regardless of whether a person believes the sponsor is a stand-in for Jesus, the truth of the matter is that the process works. Sponsors are usually only selected if they’re able to give a certain amount of hours to the program. Many of them end up giving much more. They also network with each other to accommodate people in the program who are in need of emotional assistance and are unable to contact their primary sponsors.

The 12-step program is one of the most successful drug rehabilitation programs because of its wide network of sponsors. If an individual is in a 12-step program and cannot reach her primary sponsor, she has an inexhaustible list of people she can call for emotional support immediately. In short, an addict is never alone. The sponsorship program imitates the practice of outpatient services that many of the best non-faith-based drug addiction treatment programs incorporate.

An added advantage of a faith-based Christian rehabilitation program is when the person coming into it is Christian. Manny of the rituals will be familiar to that person, so she’ll immediately be able to trust the people in charge of the program.

Seeking Faith-based Help

There’s nothing better than knowing that you have a viable alternative to drug use. When you enter a faith-based drug rehabilitation center, you’ll immediately see how the context of a strong belief in Christianity and strong research into modern medicine can work together to create success.

800-447-9081 is the number to call for the addiction hotline. If you’re looking for a faith-based drug rehabilitation center with the modern technical facilities for detox and recovery, call the number listed above. Addiction specialists are available to give you and your loved ones the advantage of Christian knowledge along with the medical expertise to provide physical leverage as you seek lifetime recovery.

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