The Damaging Effects of Meth addiction: Scars, Dental Problems and Other Physical Issues

Many people fail to appreciate how addictive and dangerous methamphetamine can be. In fact, because it’s relatively cheap and readily available, meth may at first seem like an insignificant drug that isn’t on par with other street narcotics like cocaine and heroin. However, meth often proves to be more dangerous because of the startling physical side effects that come from using this drug.

Help Is A Call Away.(888) 465-4344i

Indeed, a person’s addiction to meth is often revealed through the physical hallmarks of using this narcotic more so than any other consequence such as legal or financial troubles. With that, people who are unfamiliar with methamphetamine or wonder if they or someone they know could be at risk because of this drug would do well to know the physical side effects of using. They can also benefit by knowing how and when to get help for themselves or someone they know who’s addicted to meth.

Facial Scars From Using Methamphetamine

The slang term “meth face” refers to the actual damage inflicted by using this drug and the meth scars that occur once a person becomes addicted to it. People who use meth often feel like insects are crawling on their skin. They compulsively pick at their faces, leaving behind sores, scratches and other wounds that ultimately pock the skin. Many meth users have faces that are so scarred and picked at that it looks like they have chicken pox or the measles. It can take years for these to heal once a person overcomes a meth addiction. Some meth scars may fade, but are still visible even after a person beats an addiction.

Dental Side Effects From Meth Addiction

Along with meth scars on their faces, users often have severe dental damage that’s sometimes referred to as “meth mouth.” Indeed, meth addicts often have rotted teeth or teeth that are missing. Many recovering addicts must have dentures or dental implants to replace missing teeth. Sores and scratches around the mouth and lips are also a known hallmark of meth use.

Bodily Scars and Side Effects

Meth users often give away their addictions with their telltale antsy behavior. They’re always in motion, seemingly nervous and extremely high-strung and paranoid. However, in addition to their mental side effects, users also tend to have sores and pock marks on their arms and chests. Just as they pick their faces, they also pick at the skin elsewhere, leaving behind the same scars. Many meth users also appear gaunt and underweight because of their poor diet and nutrition. They’re so addicted to the drug that they neglect their dietary habits. They may also have thinning hair because of the drug’s impact on their bodies.

Getting Help for Meth Addiction

People who are addicted to meth and want to get help, or those individuals who want to help meth users in their lives, may wonder what steps to take to get these individuals on the road to recovery. It’s crucial that they call a reputable hotline like 800-447-9081. When they call this helpline, they should follow the advice given to them so that they or the person whom they’re trying to help can get professional services immediately.

Help Is A Call Away.(888) 465-4344i

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