Is there such a thing as a Christian drug treatment center? What is it like?

When looking for the right drug rehab center, people have to consider all of the aspects of what will be the best fit for them. The simplest things, such as the rehab staff or environment, can make all the difference during the difficult path to recovery. One option that several people tend to be curious about is a Christian drug rehab center.

The Differences

The main difference between a secular and a Christian drug rehab center is that a Christian establishment will work with a faith-based approach. Their treatment will proclaim Biblical principles and the power of recovery through God. The advantage to this is that religion often creates a helpful tool while recovering from addiction.

The Similarities

The basic procedures of a Christian drug rehab facility and a secular one are about the same. A Christian drug rehab facility takes the same steps towards recovery; however, they incorporate God and faith into the program. There is highly trained staff at both Christian and secular rehab centers that will be on watch 24/7 during recovery. Going through this recovery is a very difficult process. Staff is on hand to assist with mental problems that patients might have, such as depression or post-traumatic stress disorder and physical problems. Since the body has gotten used to the drugs or alcohol that have been continuously going into its system, while recovering, a patient will feel as if their body is being robbed of its resources. Strength and energy will decrease and the treatment facilities will be there to help patients make it through that. In difficult times, while struggling with mental or physical struggles, Christian drug rehab facilities may take time to pray and ask God for strength, while secular facilities may look for strength in other ways.

The Challenges

Secular treatment centers challenge their patients to overcome their addiction on their own. A Christian drug rehab center will teach their patients to find their strength by first finding strength through God. Some find it encouraging and empowering to feel like they are in charge of their own fate, while others find it empowering to have a higher force helping them along the way. Christians believe that Jesus died for humanity’s sins, which makes every sin a forgivable one. All anyone has to do is ask and the forgiveness will be received. Sometimes the best way to start over is to be forgiven. If someone is not able to feel that they have received forgiveness in some way, their addiction will follow them for the rest of their life, even if they have recovered. The challenges of facing the fact that someone cannot hold their fate all alone is sometimes too much, but also sometimes exactly what a person needs.

Christian drug rehab centers are not for everyone, but it can be said that they hold a higher moral code and that they can give a recovering addict the one thing that they were lacking in the first place and that is faith.

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