Three Things to Know About Stimulant Use in Suburban Environments

While it’s all too common to believe that drug usage is at its most prevalent in urban areas, drug usage, particularly the intake of stimulants, is exceedingly common in suburban environments as well. If you are currently living in a suburban environment and would like to know more about stimulant use in these areas, the following will provide a detailed look at three specific things that you should know.

Stress of a Suburban Lifestyle Pushes adults Towards Stimulant Abuse

Despite the fact that stimulant use in suburban communities is often done by teenagers and young adults, adults in their 30s and 40s are also using stimulants, such as MDMA, meth and ADHD drugs, in order to combat the stress built up in an attempt to balance their workloads and the lifestyle. Those who work and live in suburban environments have also stated that it allows them to have much more energy to complete their work and still have enough left to do all that was expected of them when they arrived at home every night. Stimulants such as methamphetamine provide fun and allow for a person to forget about the stresses that have built up. This is the primary reason as to why stimulant use among adults is quite high in suburban environments.

The Club Scenes are Expanding to Suburban Areas Throughout the Country

The club scene has been expanding into suburban areas since the 1990s, which is why certain stimulants, such as MDMA or Ecstasy, are so common in the suburban setting. MDMA is one of the most common party drugs by teenagers, and the fact that the suburban lifestyle leads to a higher level of income means that many teenagers are able to get money from their parents in order to pay for the drug. MDMA in particular has a sort of psychedelic effect wherein it causes pleasure and an increase in self-confidence, two things that many teenagers attending clubs or raves are searching for as a means of making the party more enjoyable. On the whole, the easier access to money is the main reason that stimulant use comes into play in suburban areas rather than the actual suburban environment, though both tend to go hand in hand.

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Correlation Between Income Level of Suburban Household and Stimulant Use

One of the most shocking aspects about the large usage of stimulants in suburban areas is that these environments are typically less prone toward using addictive drugs than in other areas of the population. The biggest reason for this is because one of the primary stimulants is that of prescription medications for ADHD. Those living in suburban areas are generally more affluent and have better educations, giving them a greater access to getting these medications. Those in the suburban lifestyle, including students, are often expected to perform better in school and work, leading them to using ADHD medications or stimulants, which provide a clearer focus. If you happen to live in a suburban environment and know someone that is becoming addicted to stimulants, don’t hesitate to contact 800-447-9081 immediately!

Help Is A Call Away.(888) 465-4344i

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