Top 5 ways college students get into drugs

Young people are the most infamous for making impulsive drug-related decisions, and when college comes around the corner, many students are tempted by their newly found freedom to experiment with dangerous substances. Several college students who try drugs lose interest after a period of time while others are not so lucky. Some even drop out of school or otherwise harm their lives as a direct result of drug use. There are numerous ways college students are introduced to drugs, but the most common ones are listed here.

1. The Peer Group

The crowd you socialize with is just as important to your health as it was in high school. Unfortunately, college-age peer groups can be rough when it comes to how hard they party. When every popular social event includes weed and beer, it proves difficult not to revolve life around drugs. Many prominent parties even include harder drugs such as cocaine and ecstasy. Instead of heading to parties every weekend, students should find friends through academic clubs and other productive extracurricular activities.

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2. Romantic Relationships

If the person you date is a drug addict who refuses to change, you have a higher chance of developing a drug problem yourself. Love in college should not involve trying to help a boyfriend or girlfriend kick a dangerous substance dependency. College-age lovers often consider succumbing to the addict’s favorite habit in an attempt to find a more meaningful bond. Sadly, this happens more often than people think as several college-age females become addicted to heroin that was introduced to them by their boyfriends.

3. Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs are common gateways to recreational drug use. Whether a college student is prescribed the stimulant Adderall for a mental condition or the painkiller Vicodin for a wisdom tooth removal, habit-forming drugs are widespread in America today. Students who find their prescriptions have unfavorable limits often manipulate doctors or go to street dealers as their recreational use gradually becomes abuse.

4. Stress of School and Work

Many students with six hours or more of homework each night find themselves drawn to stimulant drugs for an academic edge. From Adderall to Cocaine, competitive college students often find themselves addicted after trying the substance to balance work, school and other responsibilities. Other students take the opposite approach and find “downer” drugs to escape the pain of stress once their work is done. These downers can include everything from alcohol to heroin. Stress is a major emotional hurdle that is sadly common among college students. As such, too many turn to drugs, only to add more chaos to their lives later.

5. Desire for Life Experience

Thousands of drug users make their start by saying they will only try a drug once. College students want the world’s richest experiences, and many are misguided in thinking that their drug use equals an appreciation of the fullness of life. However, when it comes to the more addictive drugs, very few new users find that they can stick to occasional experimentation. Just once becomes three times, and soon enough, users can find themselves with post-acute withdrawal symptoms from a yearlong drug addiction.

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Help Is A Call Away.(888) 465-4344i

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