Top 5 ways Party Drugs can Lead to Addiction

Party drugs, such as Ecstasy, marijuana and MDMA, are often used by adolescents and young adults. Many people refer to these types of substances as club drugs, because they’re used in social settings, like nightclubs, bars and concerts. People experiment with party drugs as a way to mingle with friends and feel less anxiety in their social surroundings. Sometimes party drugs can lead to addiction when a person begins to develop cravings for a particular substance. These cravings can also lead to compulsive and uncontrollable desires to possess the drug. You may wonder how an individual can start using recreational drugs around peers and eventually develop an addiction. There are several common ways that this can occur.

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Taking Higher Doses

Many of the drugs that are used by people in party environments are highly addictive in nature. It’s easy to become dependent on certain drugs, like MDMA or cocaine and take higher doses to achieve an increased sense of relaxation. Individuals who engage in social gatherings frequently and use drugs are more likely to become addicted. When used repeatedly, a person’s tolerance increases, and the drug doesn’t produce the same effects. Therefore, higher doses are needed. While taking higher doses is one way that an addiction can occur, a person’s cravings for the drug’s effects will increase, leading to an obsession. Depending on the type of chemical substance being used, tolerance can occur at different stages as the chemicals in the drug no longer produce certain heightened sensations.

Dependency on Drugs Overtime

There’s a difference between using drugs for recreational purposes and in social settings and having a dependency on drugs. Being dependent on a certain drug can cause an addiction where an individual is unable to control his or her cravings. The body adapts to the chemicals, and withdrawal symptoms may occur, including insomnia, tremors and anxiety.

Genetics and Psychological factors

Some people may have a genetic predisposition to become addicted. These are the biological traits that make someone more likely to become addicted than another. The effects of using party drugs may differ with each individual. While one person may be able to easily stop using drugs at will, another person with specific genetic traits may have a more difficult time quitting drugs and even develop severe withdrawal symptoms. Although some people are easily susceptible to developing an addiction, there are treatment programs available to prevent it from happening.

People with specific personality and psychological illnesses are prone to addiction. These factors affect their ability to cope and maintain self-control over their actions, which can cause someone to abuse drugs as a method of self-medication. For someone who suffers with a mental disorder, such as bipolar or depression, the results of using party drugs can temporarily eliminate the symptoms that this person feels while trying to cope with an illness. Therefore, they’re more vulnerable to abusing the drugs and developing a physical dependence.

Help Is A Call Away.(888) 465-4344i

If party drugs have led to an addiction for you or someone you know, call our helpline at 800-890-3586 as soon as possible to speak with a specialist who can help.

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