Top 7 Ways Adults Get into Drugs

It is not always easy to understand how an adult could become addicted to drugs. You generally want to write it off as bad judgment and character. However, where addiction to any substance is concerned, the under lying cause can be the same no matter what the age of the person is. Moreover, the physical response and dependence will make even the most responsible adult become caught in the vicious cycle of addiction. If you know an adult who is addicted to drugs, it is best to reserve judgment and attempt to go deeper and find the root cause of the addiction.

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1. Relief — For anyone who has to continuously deal with sadness, anxiety or fear in life, a few minutes of escape is worthwhile. Drugs temporarily take away these feelings, and once persons experience that all their problems can disappear, they want to continue chasing that feeling.

2. Insecurity — A lack of self-confidence can drive a person to feel they have to be the same as those around them. Yes, it’s true: peer pressure is not limited to teenagers. It is there in the social circle and work place throughout a person’s life. The need to please a friend or a boss can make a person try new things and develop an addiction.

3. Media —The continuous portrayal of drug use in the media has helped normalize its use and make a person feel less resistant to trying drugs.

4. Injury — Taking drugs to cope with chronic pain as a result of a sudden injury or from a pre-existing condition can lead to an addiction. Drugs are initially prescribed by a doctor and are intended for the person to cope with their pain and recover, but often times, an addiction begins as the drug makes life livable.

5. Boredom — The feeling of monotony and a lack of stimulation and interest in their life can drive people to look for excitement. Drugs seem like a good place to start, but they soon find out that it has not given them anything but pain and more misery. However, at this point, it is not always easy to turn back and get out of it on their own, and as addiction steps in they become stuck in that way of life.

6. Experiment — Curiosity and the desire to experiment is also a way adults become addicted. It would seem as if common sense would limit the areas in which an adult would venture into, but the urge to try forbidden things never fades. Unfortunately, most adults think they can try it responsibly, but once they start, many other factors come into play such as their genes and their emotional and mental state. These factors can make them get quickly trapped into addiction.

7. Creativity — There is a mistaken belief that drugs can enhance creativity, and this belief makes people try it out — especially if they are going through a low period in their career.

Help Is A Call Away.(888) 465-4344i

The reasons are very similar to why teenagers take their first puff or drink, and this is not a surprise as you come into adulthood with all your experiences from your childhood and teenage years. Most people have the opportunity to work out their problems, and with the support of friends and family, they can gain the confidence to build secure lives. However, if unexpected things happen and support is missing during difficult times of addiction, it is normal that these experiences continue to affect your thoughts and feelings. Call this helpline 800-890-3586 if you want advice for yourself or you want to know how to reach out to a loved one.

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