Where to Turn for Crisis Intervention

People who habitually abuse drugs typically have ongoing crisis situations and emergencies throughout their lives that can range from evictions to overdoses to legal problems that may involve their children. Even though it causes stress and exhaustion, a serious situation may be the perfect time to stage a crisis intervention to encourage a loved one or friend to finally get the help needed to heal from an addiction.

Drug Abuse and Crisis Intervention

When it comes to people who are seriously addicted to alcohol or drugs, a crisis intervention is often necessary if such a lifestyle is completely destroying their lives and the lives of their close family members and friends. This kind of intervention is generally conducted by an expert in addiction and is intended to point out the various outcomes that the abuse has created not only for the addicts, but also for those who care for them.

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Accepting Help

Serious addiction issues that create the necessity for this special kind of counseling can vary from legal crises to medical problems to relationship issues. The main difference between people who abuse drugs and those who continue to deal with more conventional types of trauma and stress (suicidal thoughts or sexual abuse) is that those addicted to drugs often don’t realize they in fact need help. Expert help is indeed necessary in order for addicts to fully understand the connection between their destructive lifestyles and the problems that surround them. Addicted individuals are ready for professional treatment once they understand and accept this.

Intervention as a Tool

Because a crisis intervention process generally only lasts a couple of months, experts tend to use a unique kind of brief but effective intervention that deals with certain situations. These kind of short-term processes are ideal for treating people who may be indulging in acute drug and alcohol levels but aren’t necessarily dependent on them. If incorporated in the preliminary stages of serious abuse, this kind of intervention can potentially be very effective at proving to the addict that her dangerous lifestyle is harming the people with whom she’s involved as well as herself. Therefore, the intervention itself is a successful tool if implemented by an expert therapist or counselor.

Crisis Intervention Protocol

While intervention can potentially be used to help a number of various cases regarding addiction, there are some basic elements that all programs seem to have in common, some of which may include the following:

• Facing the fear of confronting pain
• Realizing the depth of the problem
• Awareness and observation
• Breaking addictive cycles
• Challenging difficult beliefs and regaining hope
• Discovery of inner potential
• Building a strong foundation
• Education and learning about addictive behaviors

Get Help With Initiating a Crisis Intervention

As the saying goes, “The best defense is often a good offense.” However, what does this really mean? Instead of waiting until disaster inevitably strikes, seek help now. If your family member or loved one’s addictive lifestyle is spiraling out of control, contact 800-447-9081 as soon as possible to help the individual get on the road to recovery. Life isn’t always easy. While trauma and unfortunate circumstances can’t always be prevented, they can be diminished with the help of professionals – which is the exact intention behind crisis intervention.

Help Is A Call Away.(888) 465-4344i

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