Types of Insurance Coverage for Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance abuse treatment is a near necessity if you want to successfully recover from drug or alcohol addiction. The vast majority of individuals who attempt to get clean on their own fail at some point during the recovery process. Besides the difficulties of detoxification and the dangers and pain associated with withdrawal symptoms, rehabilitation treatment also teaches you how to deal with cravings and how to avoid relapse. One of the main reasons people do not seek treatment through a rehab center is because of the cost. Some facilities can be expensive. However, insurance companies now have a better understanding of addiction and recognize it as a disease, this means that more insurance plans are completely or partially paying for substance abuse treatment rehabilitation services. It’s important to understand what types of insurance cover addiction treatment.

Private Insurance

Private insurance companies, whether provided by an employer or a personal plan, will comprehensively cover recovery treatment. While they are typically more expensive, they do provide for more rehab services and amenities and are accepted by a large portion of rehab facilities. There is often a limited amount of out-of-pocket expense associated with private insurance. However, it is important to talk to a representative of your particular insurance company and find out what services they cover, how much they pay, and where you can go for substance abuse treatment. Also, ask about inpatient and outpatient rehab options. Some private insurance providers may pay more or less depending on the type of service.

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Public Insurance

Public insurance, or state and federally provided insurance, is an option for those without privately supplied coverage. Many rehab facilities are partially or fully government subsidized. This means that they are open and accessible to more people from differing economic backgrounds. One problem with public insurance is a limit on services and facilities that take clients with this type of coverage. Another issue associated with public insurance is income guidelines. If you make too much money, then you may not qualify for federal or state funding. The best idea is to talk with a representative of the public insurance that you wish to use and find out if you’re eligible for substance abuse treatment coverage.

Alternative Financing Methods

If neither public nor private insurance is plausible for your situation, then you may want to look into alternative financing methods. There are a number of options available. Some substance abuse treatment facilities offer payment plans to cover the costs of rehab over time. Others allow financing through credit cards or with the assistance of specialized loan companies. Call around and find a substance abuse treatment center that will work with you and meet your financial needs.

Another alternative financing option is through the use of a personal loan. It may seem a bit counter-intuitive to build debt over an addiction, but you must think about the effects on your career and life if you continue abusing drugs. Getting the help that you need by any means necessary will ensure that you get clean and are able to excel at life and your career.

Help Is A Call Away.(888) 465-4344i

Researching your insurance options or other payment alternatives will help you to know what substance abuse treatment centers are available to you and how much out-of-pocket expense you can expect. If you need help finding the right rehab center for your situation, call our hotline at 800-890-3586.

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