Understanding a Dangerous Addiction: How Long Does Meth High Last?

An addiction to meth can have long-term physical, emotional and social impact. Those who take the drug can feel its effects for several hours after it has last been used. However, the length of a meth high depends on whether it was snorted, taken orally or smoked. The effects of a meth high may seem to last longer, or not as long, depending on an individual’s tolerance.

How Long Does Meth High Last When Smoked?

Generally, a meth high can last for up to 12 hours if it has been smoked. Those more tolerant to the drug may feel as if the effects wear off much sooner than that, however. In general, those who smoke meth are chronic users of the substance. The quality of the meth may also play a role in how long a user is affected when it’s smoked.

How Long Does Meth High Last When Injected?

When injected into the bloodstream, the effects of meth can last for up to eight hours. However, the impact of the meth will be felt almost instantaneously. When meth is smoked or otherwise taken orally, it may take up to three hours before the substance fully makes it way through the bloodstream.

How Long Does Meth High Last When Taken Orally or Through the Skin?

A high from meth that’s taken orally can last for about 10 hours, depending on the individual using the substance. When taken through the skin, a user can administer a large amount of the drug into the body at once. As such, it may be the preferred method of those who are binge-using if injecting the drug isn’t possible.

What Does Meth High Feel Like?

The first few minutes of a meth high are the most intense for the user. Chronic users may continue to use in an effort to never come down from that high. This is why some users resort to binge-using the substance. Those who binge-use meth may become chemically dependent on it and continue to use in order to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

Are Withdrawal Symptoms of Meth Severe?

Those who are chemically addicted to meth may take days to come down from a high and return to normal. It may take as many as three days to overcome a crash after binge or regular use of meth. An extreme wave of tiredness may overtake a user going through withdrawal for up to two days approximately a week after a user stops putting meth into his body.

Those who are going through a meth addiction, or know someone who is, may wish to get help for this issue. The first step is to call the helpline at 800-447-9081, which can provide information about the dangers of what meth can do to those who use it. With rehab and the right support, a user can get past a meth habit before it’s too late.

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