US Presidents known to have had substance abuse issues

The president is supposed to be a pillar of morals, so most people probably have trouble believing the fact that quite a few presidents have been known to be into substance abuse.

The subject of substance abuse among society is very complex, and it gets even more confusing when you add presidents to the mix.

First, it’s important to understand that many drugs haven’t been illegal forever. In fact, drugs like Cocaine and morphine used to be totally legal, and Coca-Cola is a company that used to add Cocaine to its soda.

During the 1800s, almost every single OTC medication contained Cocaine. While some presidents used these medications, others used the drugs far more often.

George Washington

This president grew up in a home on Mount Vernon. In his home, he grew hemp. By itself, hemp is not intoxicating, but it’s a close cousin of Marijuana. There are many reports that say George Washington used an opiate derivative, called laudanum.

He used the drug to relieve the long list of dental problems he was dealing with. The drug that George used was actually legal while he was alive. Several reports say that Washington also enjoyed drinking Madeira wine.

John Adams and Thomas Jefferson

A number of reports say that John Adams really enjoyed alcohol. He drank rum, wine and beer. Nobody will ever know if he drank in excess or was into substance abuse too.

Another well-known president is Thomas Jefferson. While they’re unsubstantiated, there are reports that Thomas Jefferson grew poppy plants, which are known for producing opium. It’s believed that he grew these plants within the confines of his Monticello Mansion.

Reports also say that Jefferson frequently used quinine to get relief from constant headaches. There are even some reports that say Jefferson used opium to treat his frequent diarrhea.

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Presidential Substance Abuse History

Recently, a biography has been released, and the subject is Barrack Obama. Parts of the book talked about his substance abuse problem. Obama used Marijuana while in high school. In 1995, Obama actually admitted to using the drug while he was a teen.

While most people frown upon Obama’s past decisions, he isn’t the only president who has used drugs. In fact, George W. Bush, who preceded Obama, has quite the history of drug use.

However, it’s useful to know that Bush didn’t use drugs while in office; his drug use occurred before he embarked on his political career. Unlike Obama, Bush hasn’t such much of anything about his past substance abuse. Bush says he hasn’t used drugs since 1974, but he hasn’t said anything else about it.

There are several reports that attempt to paint a picture of a young George W. Bush, who frequently indulged in substance abuse. Another former president, Bill Clinton, actually admitted to trying Marijuana, but he said that he never actually felt the effects of the drug.

Like virtually all other presidents, Clinton’s drug use occurred during his teens. In an interview, Clinton said he has smoked Marijuana, but he said he didn’t inhale the smoke when the incident occurred. Out of all of the former presidents, John F. Kennedy has, arguably, the most colorful history of drug use.

Kennedy admitted to experimenting with Marijuana when he was younger. It’s also known that Kennedy took a wide range of prescription drugs, which he never told the public about. He had prescriptions for Ritalin, Librium, methadone, Demerol and codeine.

He even took barbiturates to help him sleep. Most former presidents aren’t known for substance abuse or excessive alcohol use, but a lot of them have experimented at a young age. If you or someone you know has an addiction, it’s best to get help quickly.

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