Use of Designer Drugs Is Increasing Among Individuals Today

If you’re reading this article, you may be looking for information concerning the rise of designer drug use in America. You may be wondering exactly what these new drugs are, or how they’re made.

You may well be wondering where they come from, or how they’re able to cause so much physical and spiritual damage in so short a time. You may even have become addicted to one of these new designer drugs and are searching for information on how to break free from your addiction. Read on for an explanation of what these drugs are, as well as how to get help for addiction when facing such an issue.

An Explanation of Designer Drugs

Use of Designer Drugs Is Increasing Among Individuals Today What exactly are designer drugs? These are drugs which have been specially designed and manufactured in a laboratory environment to simulate the effects of a naturally occurring drug that has been declared illegal. The classification of “designer drugs” can refer to such substances as bath salts, LSD, MDMA (ecstasy), Rohypnol (the infamous date rape drug), GHB and methamphetamine.

These specially designed new drugs are different from others, such as heroin, marijuana or cocaine, because they’re not made of naturally occurring organic ingredients. For example, meth is made of all sorts of chemical ingredients and then cut with various additives, preservatives and fillers in order to increase the manufacturer’s supply.

Why Use of Designer Drugs Is Increasing Among Individuals

There are several reasons the use of specially designed drugs is increasing among all sectors of the population. For one, these drugs are very convenient to manufacture. The ingredients that make up most of these drugs are relatively easy to procure. If drug manufacturers cannot find an adequate supply of one particular ingredient, they’ll experiment with other substances until they find one that fits the bill closely enough.

These specially designed drugs are simple to manufacture in bulk quantities, and the process is also cost effective. Because the ingredients that compose these drugs are easy to find and inexpensive to purchase, the manufacturer can sell them at a relatively low price while still making a very handsome profit. The cheaper the drug sells for on the street, the more of it that can be moved in a faster amount of time. It’s a winning proposition for a drug maker.

Many Specially Designed Drugs Are Being Marketed to Teenagers

These specially designed drugs can be advertised in magazines, websites and social media pages geared toward the younger population. Because they mimic the effects of illegal drugs without actually being comprised of the same ingredients, many of them remain legal to sell and purchase at the moment.

For example, the drug called bath salts was being sold in many places directly to teens and college students, while being advertised under the guise of the legitimate bath salts that are used by people when they bathe. As a result of such advertising practices, it takes longer for the authorities to catch on to the fact that dangerous drugs are being marketed to teenagers. Meanwhile, the damage these drugs cause remains undetected until a sudden epidemic of death occurs.

How Dangerous Are Designer Drugs?

Use of Designer Drugs Is Increasing Among Individuals Today These specially designed drugs are extremely dangerous. In many cases, they’re even more dangerous than drugs composed of natural ingredients, such as cocaine or heroin. This is due to several reasons. For one, these designed drugs are made using all manner of unknown chemicals and cut with even more random additives. Users can never be sure of exactly what they’re ingesting when using one of these new drugs.

Another reason this new breed of drugs is so dangerous is because the chemicals that comprise them have such violent and negative effects on the people who use them. For example, the stories of several individuals in Florida who were reduced to a violent, zombie-like state due to bath salts use recently shocked the nation.

Where to Turn for Help in Breaking Free From Designer Drug Addiction

If you’re experiencing the negative effects of designer drug addiction, you should seek help immediately. Even if you’ve been addicted to these drugs for an extended period of time, it’s not too late to get the treatment and counseling necessary to break free. You need to get into a drug rehab program that’ll enable you to kick the habit. The sooner you check into rehab, the better.

If you don’t know where to turn, there’s a special hotline you can call to get the information you need concerning drug rehab centers and programs in your area. If you’re ready to make a positive change in your life, please call the special drug addiction rehab hotline at 800-447-9081 today for further information.

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