The value of gender separation in alcoholism treatment centers

You have decided that you are going to obtain treatment for your alcoholism. You’ve looked into a number of centers and you are starting to notice that many of them are separated by gender. Since gender lines have been blurred and diminished in recent years, you might be wondering why that is.

Toilet and Showering Facilities

When you consider the most basic level of inpatient rehabilitation facilities, you will likely start to see why gender separation is used in alcohol treatment centers. When people are living together in these close quarters, it is often necessary to keep men and women separate. If you went into a mall or restaurant, for example, you would likely expect the men and the women to have separate bathrooms. Men and women generally prefer to have their bathroom facilities separated, therefore, this is how these rehabilitation centers are also set up.

Feeling More Comfortable

If you can remember back to your first middle school dance, you probably remember all of the girls standing on one side and the boys standing on the other. The reason for this is because many of them probably feel uncomfortable with one another and the same situation can come into fruition at an alcoholism treatment center. These feelings can appear for any number of reasons. Whatever the case may be, the goal at a treatment center is not to make people feel uncomfortable, this is why the genders are often separated at alcohol treatment centers.

Forming Social Bonds

Anyone who said that men and women can never be friends is incorrect. Of course, social bonds without a romantic relationship can come into fruition. However, individuals do tend to make friends with people who are of the same gender first. When people go to drug and alcohol treatment centers, they do like to form bonds with other individuals who can understand what they are going through. When the centers are divided into males and females, these social bonds can come to life without a lot of stress and pressure. These bonds give people other individuals to turn to, whether they want to express sadness or joy.

Avoiding the Dating Scene

When a large group of men and a large group of women come together, you are sure to find at least two individuals who want to be with each other and are attracted to one another. In a world that is becoming more and more accepting of bisexuality and homosexuality, dating can still occur in single-gendered centers, halls or programs though. Still, centers want to help people learn how to form healthy relationships with one another. Engaging in a series of random hook-ups with different people is not going to help anyone’s progress at the drug and alcohol treatment centers.

If You Have Concerns

Perhaps you do not feel that being with people of the same gender is going to work for you. If that is the case, look into alcohol treatment centers that do not follow such a model. Additionally, you might be transgendered or considering changing to the other gender. If that is the case, you need to speak with representatives from the alcohol treatment center to find out what the most appropriate scenario would be for you to ensure that you are able to fully thrive and develop from it.

You aren’t going to find two programs that are exactly the same and the diversity of alcohol treatment centers assists you in selecting one that is the most appropriate for you. When you would like to learn a little bit more about the programs we have to offer, give us a call!

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