The Value of Gender Separation in Drug Rehab

Drug rehab is a tough process that can require serious concentration. People often need to spend time examining their behavior during the process of drug rehab treatments. As a result, it is often the aim of the drug rehab staff to make sure that their clients can have a safe and protected environment where they can freely learn to adjust many of their habits positively and other patterns in order to break free of the shackles of drug addiction.

Part of the drug rehab process involves making sure that all aspects of rehab are focused on as the patient goes through treatment. The aim of the drug rehab center is to provide a place where the patient can focus on their addiction during the entire inpatient stay. This often means that a patient may be forbidden from seeing friends and relatives, who have issues with drug and alcohol abuse, during their stay in drug rehab. It also means that people may be forbidden from engaging in other behaviors during their stay and may not be allowed to leave the campus at all until they have completed a certain number of hours of rehab at the center.

One of the most important aspects of any treatment for drug rehab is allowing people to develop a peer group that they can relate to during the treatment. It is for that reason that many centers separate men and women during treatment. This kind of separation allows people to develop a better bond and respond better to treatment.

Men and women often respond differently to drug rehab treatment. Men and women are also physically and mentally different in many ways. A man may respond to drug treatment initially by engaging in violent and potentially dangerous behavior. This can be dangerous for a woman to be around, so separation is often advisable. Men also may react by engaging in bullying behavior such as using sexist language or implying that women are not as a capable as men. This can make women feel uncomfortable when talking about their issues.

Women and men often have different concerns when addressing drug addiction. Women typically have close family ties. A woman may even be pregnant, nursing or watching a small child as she undergoes drug rehab. She may need to be in close proximity to her children during rehab sessions. She may find that it is frightening for her to be around strange men during this time as well. These are other reasons that men and woman typically are separated during drug treatment attempts.

Women also may want to address certain issues during drug treatment such as how it may effect their menstrual cycles or how it can affect their efforts at conception. Many men are not comfortable discussing such issues. Many women are also uncomfortable talking about such concerns with men directly around them. When the genders are segregated during drug rehab treatment, it makes it easier for men and women to open up about specific gender-related concerns that they have to counselors and other people who are trying to help them.

Men and women will also typically have different issues that led them to drug abuse. A woman may have done so as part of a social occasion in an effort to raise money for her family or because she was told to do so by an abusive spouse. A man may have used drugs for other reasons. In that case, men and women feel it is easier to discuss their concerns with their peers of the same gender.

If you have any further questions about this issue, contact our drug rehab hotline to speak with a knowledgeable and kind staff member.

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