Vegetable protein is suggested in drug addiction recovery?

Why is vegetable protein recommended for someone recovering from drug addiction?

Recovery from drug addiction can be very difficult on the body. After a long period of substance abuse, the body can suffer from imbalances of fluids and proteins along with a shortage of electrolytes. All of these imbalances and shortages can affect the way that the organs function; the way that the body processes energy; and the person’s mental state. To ensure that the body is healing efficiently, it is extremely important that people in recovery eat a nutritious diet so that they can have healthy organs that are able to fight off infection.

There are many different substances that should be added to someone’s diet when in recovery. One of the substances recommended for someone recovering from various types of drug addiction is vegetable protein. Read on, and learn more about how vegetable protein can supply the body with the energy that it needs to heal as someone is recovering from withdrawal symptoms and poor nutrition through instances of substance abuse.

Reversing the Toll Addiction Has Taken on the Body

Not only does drug addiction take a serious toll on your relationships and your life, it also takes a serious toll on your body. Over the months or years that someone abuses drugs, it is common for them to become malnourished. This is because the side effect of opiate use is a loss of appetite which translates into a poor diet with very little nutrients.

Failing to consume enough nutrients over an extended period of time can affect the digestive system, the immune system and your metabolism among other systems. This is why both your physical and mental well-being will be tested as you withdraw or recover from your drug addiction. By incorporating vegetable proteins in your diet during recovery, your body will be able to replenish the amino acids and proteins it lost so that it can rebuild itself and reverse the toll your addiction took.

Making Withdrawal Symptoms Less Severe

Withdrawal can be a very difficult stage of recovery from drug addiction because it can be accompanied by very unpleasant symptoms like diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. While withdrawal will never be comfortable, it can be easier on patients in treatment centers if they eat a well-rounded high fiber diet complete with vegetable proteins and complex carbohydrates. By eating balanced meals with plant proteins, you can reduce withdrawal symptoms as you restore a balance of electrolytes in the body.

Feeling Better Increases Success Rates in Recovery

Studies show that your psychological state has a dramatic affect on whether or not you will relapse after your withdrawal from drug addiction. The better a person feels, the less likely they are to use drugs again. A healthy diet that includes sufficient vegetable protein is linked to improving not just physical health but also mental health. By avoiding too much caffeine, staying away from sugar and powering your body with the protein it needs to help your brain recover, you can improve your mood and your chances of lifelong success. A diet overhaul will help you start healthy new habits that will keep you energized and happy so that you never feel down and helpless again.

You need a very strong immune system in recovery, and vegetable protein will help you build the amino acids that you need to strengthen your weak immune system. By eating a diet that is rich in plant-based protein, you can rebuild a body that is stronger and healthier as you abstain from drug use and put drug addiction behind you. The healthier you get, the more self-esteem you will have. Once you have that self-esteem and you feel great, you will be on the road to a full recovery.

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