What Is K2? How Likely is K2 addiction Going to Happen?

What is K2, and how is it that so many people are becoming addicted to it? What are the signs of K2 addiction? Keep reading to learn all about K2 and why you should be concerned.

What Is K2?

K2, commonly referred to as “spice,” doesn’t have an actual medical purpose in the United States. It’s been marketed as the legal option to marijuana; however, this is no longer true since the primary ingredients in K2 were banned in several countries around the world as well as within the U.S. military. Today, the only purpose for K2 is getting high, in much the same way as someone gets high from smoking marijuana. Getting high from K2 can generate serious side effects, such as extreme discomfort, cardiovascular issues and intense hallucinations.

What Is K2 Made Of?

Many times, marketers label K2 as “incense” to try and fool the legal system. In fact, nobody really knows for sure what’s in K2 since each batch is essentially different. Overall, K2 has around 3 grams of vegetable-based matter including dried leaves, basic resin or powder, and is sold in packets to which multiple synthetic cannabinoids are usually added.

K2 is commonly smoked by most users, but can be made into a drinkable tea as well. Various batches may have entirely different ingredients, which makes it very difficult to determine its exact composition and safety. Quite often the dangers and side effects are unpredictable, and many people report experiencing adverse cardiovascular effects as well intense hallucinations in emergency rooms throughout the country. Tests performed by different clinical groups conclude that there’s a wide variety of various chemicals found in K2.

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Is K2 Addictive?

It’s difficult to determine how addictive a drug like K2 actually is due to the small amount of research done on both the chemicals that are used to make it and the drug itself. However, it’s known that K2 does in fact impact the central nervous system. There’s also strong evidence that people who use it long enough will likely develop a tolerance for it, and therefore need more to achieve the same euphoric effect as before.

Along with generating euphoric feelings, K2 often causes dependence upon consuming it for a period of time. Even when use of the drug has stopped, many people report that they still crave the drug, which is a classic symptom of addiction.

Although many users believe K2 is the safer option to regular marijuana, the evidence of its profound effects proves otherwise. Drug rehab treatment centers, emergency rooms and hospitals often treat people who suffer from the subsequent side effects of using K2, proving that it’s indeed more dangerous and powerful than marijuana. Here are some of its primary side effects:

• Rapid heart rate
• Vomiting
• Agitation
• Hallucinations

How Does an Addiction to K2 Develop?

You may be developing a K2 addiction if you need it to deal with ongoing stress or cope with life in general. Using K2 in significant amounts or on a regular basis can increase your chances of addiction.

Symptoms of a K2 addiction include:

• Elevated heart rate and blood pressure
• Tremors and seizures
• Inability to speak
• Unconsciousness or coma
• Intense headaches
• Panic attacks
• Anxiety
• Aggressive and threatening behavior

If you suspect you may be developing an addiction to K2, but don’t know where to turn and need help, call the hotline at 800-447-9081 to talk to a professional trained in addiction recovery.

Help Is A Call Away.(888) 465-4344i

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