What You Should Know About Synthetic Marijuana

There are some very significant differences between natural marijuana and synthetic marijuana. Manufacturers of the synthetic variety try to market it as a harmless drug with some natural elements to it. Many young people as well as adults take this drug thinking that because it’s so readily available, it must not be a danger to them. However, this drug causes many serious health conditions and puts a person at risk for addiction. Take a look at the following information regarding synthetic marijuana, including the risks involved in using it and how manufacturers try to attract new users.

Types of Synthetic Marijuana

What You Should Know About Synthetic Marijuana There are dozens of types of this drug, which are also known as synthetic cannabinoids. One of the most dangerous types is referred to as JWH-018. That was one of the first types and has since been banned by drug officials. Many forms of this drug are versions of the most well-known varieties, which include Spice and K2.

The chemical compounds used to make this drug are much stronger than the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and other elements found in natural marijuana. In fact, this drug can be up to 800 times more powerful than natural marijuana. The makers of this drug constantly change the types of compounds they use as well as the amounts so they can continue to sell their product legally. This puts users at higher risk of getting a high dose of toxic chemicals in the supply they smoke.

Drug officials have a difficult job of trying to make certain types of this drug illegal because of the changing nature of its compounds. This drug is smoked just like natural marijuana, and is sometimes baked into various types of foods and eaten. Users are at equal risk no matter how they consume this dangerous drug.

The Dangers of Using Synthetic Marijuana

One of the biggest dangers of using this physically and mentally addictive drug is that there’s no sure way of knowing how a user will react to it. While some users experience rapid heart rate and increased blood pressure, others undergo convulsions, seizures and fainting. Some users have been known to suffer heart attacks as a result of consuming this drug. There are also cases where users have experienced hallucinations. This type of psychological reaction can put a person at risk for making decisions that affect his physical well-being. Furthermore, a user may receive a supply that contains an incredibly strong dose of chemicals. There’s little to no monitoring of this drug. Unfortunately, it’s available in many places and is easily accessible to people who don’t understand the risks of using it.

The Sale and Marketing of Synthetic Marijuana

Most people know that natural marijuana gives users a feeling of euphoria, or a high, and makes them feel carefree. The fact that the name “marijuana” is attached to this manmade drug fools people into thinking it’s the same substance. In short, they think it’s a natural substance that can give them a harmless high and make them laugh quite a bit. The marketing campaign for this drug includes a number of misleading elements. For instance, there’s a claim that the materials used to make it may not be detected by a drug test. This is appealing to regular drug users and can be enticing to high school students.

In terms of the sales aspect of the drug, it can be found in some gas station convenience stores and head shops. A person doesn’t need an ID to buy it, which makes it seem all the more harmless to them. This drug can also be purchased online so a user can remain anonymous. Keep in mind that whether this drug is purchased in a store or online, there’s no way to tell what’s in it. This drug is made with toxic substances, but there may be other foreign substances mixed in that make this drug all the more dangerous to users. Besides Spice and K2, other street names for this drug include mamba, black mamba, fake weed and sexy monkey. These harmless names can be effective in hiding the dangers of this drug from potential users. These names are more likely to entice young people to try this drug.

If you or a loved one has an addiction to synthetic marijuana, it’s a good idea to get help right away. This drug can be very dangerous and cause serious health risks and addiction problems. One thing you can do immediately is to call the helpline at 800-447-9081. There are dedicated addiction specialists who can assist you or a loved one in the process of recovering from an addiction to this dangerous drug. It’s possible to live without relying on this drug and its effects.

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