Where does all the Cocaine come from?

Where does all the Cocaine come from? (From plant to abuser)

When buying Cocaine, most people don’t think of the long-term process that it takes before getting to the user. No, in fact, most people don’t truly think about it at all. While this is common for most people when buying most products, it’s important to realize how Cocaine arrives in the hand of the buyer. With this in mind, here is a short guide explaining how it goes from the plant to the abuser.

Starts far away: First and foremost, most people realize that Cocaine comes from far away. Yes, people do not grow the plant in the United States, nor is it grown in Mexico or Canada. No, in fact, Cocaine growers hone their craft in South America. Yes, it’s grown in Columbia and other nations in South America. Here, large drug kingpins run massive farms where plenty of Cocaine plants are growing. Of course, this is the beginning of the chain as it will work its way to the user.

Shipped to the United States or Mexico: Next, the drugs will get on a plane and get shipped to Mexico. In the past, they were shipped to the US, but this is not common anymore as the DEA and other agencies took a lot of steps to prevent drugs from entering this way. However, they still make it to Mexico with relative ease. Yes, the drug kingpins and runners have plenty of expensive technology, which allows them to bring drugs to Mexico with ease.

Run through to the US: Next, the Mexican Cartel, usually, pays for the drugs and takes hold of them. Then, professional drug runners will take the drugs north of the border. They do it by plane, sea and on foot, among other ways. Then, once they reach the United States, the drug runners will sell the drugs to larger, organized criminal enterprises. While true, plenty of drugs do not make it to the United States as customs agents do everything in their power to, at minimum, slowdown the drug trade.

Organized criminal gangs: As mentioned, once the drugs are in the states, they will go to another level. In fact, organized criminal gangs all over the United States will buy the drugs and sell them to drug dealers or other smaller gangs. Then, once they are in the hands of street gangs, the user can buy them. Of course, to get them to street gangs all over, people will have to run the drugs from Arizona, Florida, California and Texas. Again, while on the road, plenty of Cocaine is intercepted by police departments all over the country.

Sold on the street: Once the Cocaine reaches the minor street gangs, all over the United States, one can finally buy the drugs in small quantities. This is where a user will come in and buy the drug for his or her personal use. At this point, the cost of Cocaine has risen dramatically and the end-user will pay a lot more than the first person on the chain paid. Either way, once it has reached the user, it has traveled thousands of miles and gone through plenty of hoops to arrive at its destination.

When buying Cocaine, the user probably does not think about where it comes from and how it gets to them. The reality is, when looking at Cocaine, one will see something that went through plenty of hands. Sadly, along the way, people are injured and people have to spend a lot of money fighting the trade. Either way, since many people are addicted, it will get even harder to stop the flow of this illicit drug.

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