Will being bipolar make it harder for Meth addiction recovery?

Is it a Harder Path for Those with Bipolar Disorder to Kick Meth addiction?

Interactions of different chemicals in those suffering from bipolar disorder have some dramatic effects. Depressants like Marijuana or alcohol help smooth out the highs and the lows when the chemicals run their course through the system. When they are gone, the after effects look like a tidal wave in comparison to the original bipolar systems. Now in the realm of stimulants, the highs produce incredible state-of-manic peaks. Once the rush wears off, the crash that the person with Meth addiction feels resembles a roller coaster running downward. The low is almost the equal counterpart of the high. Now, when a person who suffers from bipolar disorder decides to put a stop to their Meth addiction, what is the treatment plan for this individual?

Therapy and How it has Evolved

The dual diagnosis theory leapt from the textbooks to the point where doctors began classifying people with it. It was a new concept. The view was that little to no progress could be made on the mental disorder until the addictive substance was purged from the system. Not only did it have to be absent but a substantial amount of clean time, usually six months, had to be gained before professionals would start handling the bipolar nature of the problem. Now the accepted theory is that both are to be tackled as soon as the sufferer with Meth addiction gets himself or herself into a rehab facility.

Self Medicating

Substance abuse to alleviate an underlying mental disorder was the leap in logic that got the medical profession to the point it is now. People in rehab were experiencing and expressing their frustrations of the old thought patterns returning when the addictive substance was taken out of the mix. What makes this even more difficult is the particular scourge of bipolar disorder. These addictive substances were the only way the afflicted could really escape their feelings from Meth addiction even if just for a moment in time. The quiet became the new high they chased to help them as tolerance grew.

The Problems that the Meth Bipolar Tango Generate

Getting a correct diagnosis can be tricky. Trained professionals sometimes have blinders on and once they see one of the two components, they stop looking for the other. The technical expertise in handling dual diagnosis in Meth addiction patients have not trickled down to all levels of health care. Swapping treatments and even outright refusal of some programs have been known to happen as expertise evolve in the medical profession. It behooves the patient to find a healthy way to silence the inner thoughts that are troublesome. Some people in recovery are fortunate enough to discover their own path when guided by a trained professional.

When dealing with Meth addiction, logic dictates that two conditions are usually harder to overcome than if only one was present. In the case of those with bipolar disorder who are also kicking meth, the answer is yes it is harder if you find yourself in that circumstance. Years could be squandered if the dual diagnosis was missed. Additionally, it presents two forms of withdrawal plus a balancing act with the bipolar order. Many people involved in Meth addiction have overcome what you are suffering from. While their paths were different, they all started by reaching out for help. Place that phone call today and lighten that load. Together it is possible to emerge from this malady entirely cured.

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