Will cutting of your alcoholic teen drive them away for good?

What to do when you fear cutting your teen alcoholic off will drive them away for good rather than help them?

Alcoholism is a major problem for younger teens and adults. Going to parties, going off to college or just hanging out with friends can all lead your child astray and into a world filled with alcohol. While most parents like to think that they have a firm grip on what their teen is doing at all times, your child may be an alcoholic without you even knowing it. When you finally recognize the problem, you might try to reach out for help in the best possible way that you know. This could include sending your teen to an alcoholic rehab center, counselor or other professional who is going to be able to help them.

How to Confront Your Teen

Many parents are afraid that helping their teen out in the best way possible is going to drive them away from each other. What needs to be understood is that not getting your teen the help that they need can cause them to delve even deeper into a world of alcoholism. This can be problematic in that it creates a negative atmosphere for your teen to grow up in and could possibly follow them well into their adulthood years.

Confronting your teenager doesn’t mean accusing them or yelling at them for their alcoholic issues. In fact, creating an argument may only exasperate the problem for them and for you. Instead, talk to them about whether or not they’re using alcohol. Ask them about parties they might have gone to and which friends they’ve been hanging out with on a regular basis. By talking with your teenager, you’ll get a more truthful response that you can then act on without seeming too harsh to your teen. Don’t be afraid to ask your teen flat-out if they feel they’ve been having an issue with alcohol.

Getting Them Help

Driving your teenager away by forcing treatment on them is never a good idea, but you need to do what is right for them as their parent. The best thing for you both to do is to come up with a mutual agreement that alcoholic treatment for their problem is within their best interest. Also, when teens are on board as far as their alcohol addiction is concerned, it’ll be more likely that they do well in alcoholic treatment and are able to kick the addiction for good in the future.

If you feel that getting them help is the best option for them, you’ll both want to visit some local alcoholic treatment facilities and take tours of them before actually looking into any one in particular. You will also want to specifically look for alcoholic treatment facilities that are geared towards teens, since this is where your child will feel the most comfortable. They will be able to be around others who are the same age as they are and this can make recovery a lot easier and effective for them as well.

There are a ton of alcoholic treatment centers out there for you both to look into. If your teen is defiant and doesn’t feel that they have an alcoholic problem, you may want to get a therapist or trusted counselor involved. If there is an older adult who your teen is very close to, you may even want to get this person involved to see if they will be able to help them along with you. Seeking recovery and alcoholic treatment is difficult for anyone to have to go through, but parents want to do what is best for their children, so it simply makes sense to find a facility that is ideal for teens with drinking problems. Call us if you need help with getting your teenager the professional support that they need.

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