Will cutting your teen off increase their drug addiction?

What to do when you fear cutting your drug addicted teen off will drive them away for good rather than help them.

If you have a teen with drug addiction, you will want to tread lightly when you try to help him or her. Otherwise, if you are too hard on them, they will walk away and you will lose the chance to help them. With that being said, here is a guide on what to do when you fear cutting your teen with drug addiction off will drive them away for good rather than help them.

No accusations: First and foremost, when you talk to your child, you should not accuse him or her of anything. While it may be obvious that your kid has a drug addiction, you don’t want to go in with guns blazing. If you do and you start yelling or pointing fingers, you are going to hurt your chances at helping them with this drug addiction. Instead, even if you know that they are doing drugs, you will want to show compassion and understanding when speaking with them. With this step, you will not push your son or daughter away. Remember, teenagers are vulnerable and you will scare them off if you are not nice or kind to them.

Get them help: Without a doubt, if you have a son or daughter with drug addiction, you will need to get them help. By showing your child that you care, you are going to help your cause greatly. You will go a long way in showing them that someone in their life is on their side and want good for their life. To get them help, you should first sit down with them and analyze the entire situation. If you do so in a tactful manner, your child will not run away or experience any angst at your attempts to help. You can talk to them and help them realize that they need help for their drug addiction, without accusing them of course.

Don’t treat them differently: If your child has a drug addiction, you will not want him or her to hang out with other drug addicts or people that can be of bad influence. But, other than that, you shouldn’t treat your kid differently. If you do so, not only will he or she notice, but everyone else will too. Instead, take your child out, have a good time and show them that there is more to life than abusing drugs. When you pull this off your child may start to not feel the need to do drugs. At the same time, he or she will not feel ashamed in having a drug addiction and may even start to realize that it is wrong.

Take them on a short trip: Finally, if you have a teenager who is at risk or already has a drug addiction, you may want to take him or her on a short trip. By going out of the state or country, you can sit down with him or her, talk about the situation and quell their fears. Being in familiar settings that might trigger their drug addiction can make it a struggle to get your teenager to listen to you when you talk to them about the issue at hand. Remember, when you can get out of your day-to-day elements, you can talk to your child more easily.

With these four steps, not only can you make your kid feel at ease, but you can avoid further serious issues down the road. Remember, if you have a teenager with drug addiction, you will want to take immediate action and take time to listen to your child’s problems. If you don’t, he or she will suffer in both the short and long run. If you’re still unsure of what to do, give us a call and we can guide you through steps in how to work with your teen to stop the drug addiction.

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