How Will a DWI charge Impact Your Career?

DWI also known as driving while intoxicated refers to any person operating a vehicle in any of the 50 states with a blood alcohol level of .08 or higher. If you are pulled over a DWI charge filed against you, it will not only harm your insurance, but can also impact your career in a number of ways. The following will provide more details as to what these are.

How a DWI charge Can Impact Your Current Career

If you’re arrested for driving while intoxicated, one of the things that you are going to be most worried about is how long you’re going to be in jail. However, you need to be just as worried about how a DWI charge can impact your career. For one, most drivers, save for rare instances in which an exception is awarded, will be given a suspended license. This means that your main mode of transportation to work is now unavailable. If you are unable to find another means of transportation, such as driving to work with a fellow employee or public transportation, then this can have a highly negative effect on your job, possibly even leading to your dismissal from that position. In fact, if your career requires you to drive a vehicle, then you pretty much have no recourse available.

You will also find that there are many employers that have in writing within their employees’ manual that any crime that an employee is charged with can lead to their immediate dismissal and firing. Even if you are not let go right away, you will undoubtedly be forced to miss work over the course of the next few months due to being enrolled in an alcohol treatment program and general court attendances you have to attend. If you miss work too often, you may be fired on those grounds. Overall, there are not really any positives for your current career that can result from having a DWI charge against you.

How a DWI Charge Can Impact Future Employment

While a DWI can impact your current career, it can also have a large impact on any future employment you are looking to earn. Just as is the case for anyone that currently has a job, if you are looking for one at the moment, a DWI charge could force you to go a large amount of time with a suspended license. As such, it will become increasingly difficult to arrive at interviews on time and you won’t be able to apply for any job that comes with a requirement of driving a vehicle. If you have had a DWI charge filed against you before, you may also run into problems when applying for a new job if your potential employer decides to run a background check on you.

Even if you no longer have a suspended license, it may still be impossible to obtain a career that requires you to drive a vehicle if they find out that you have had a DWI charge at any time in the past. When filling out your application, you might run into another issue. With most applications, there is a section wherein you have to fill out any info about convictions in the past. If you do decide to fill out this space with the fact that you have had a DWI charge filed against you in the past, your application might not even be considered. However, if you don’t fill it out and the employer decides to run a background check on you, then you will lose out on the job anyway.

If you currently finding yourself drinking alcohol too much and fear what might happen if you continue, don’t hesitate to seek treatment immediately!

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