Will You Survive an Overdose on Meth?

If you’re addicted to meth, you may already be wondering just how much time you may have before you begin to suffer the damaging mental and physical side effects abuse of this dangerous and illegal drug incurs. You should know that thousands of people are admitted to emergency rooms all across the United States on account of accidental overdoses or injuries received due to meth use.

It isn’t so much a question of if, but rather when, you’ll begin to feel the effects of meth abuse. If you’re wondering how you can break free from the vicious cycle of meth addiction, please read on to the end of this article for information concerning how you can get professional help and treatment for your addiction to meth.

How Meth Is Made

Will You Survive an Overdose on Meth? Have you ever wondered how meth is made? Of all the man-made drugs in use, meth is by far the worst. Its origins are hideous, and the methods used to produce it are truly revolting. Fictional shows on television, such as “Breaking Bad,” show only the tip of the iceberg regarding the meth-making process. It’s far more dangerous than it looks.

Most of the meth supply is made in large “super lab” facilities in Mexico. The meth produced there is then shipped across the border to the United States. However, there’s also plenty of meth being produced domestically. A meth lab is extremely portable and can be located in a basement, an RV trailer or many other locations.

What Are the Common Ingredients and Fillers Found in Meth?

Among the chief ingredients used to make meth are ephedrine and pseudoephedrine. Of course, other ingredients will be used as “filler” to increase the manufacturer’s supply of the drug and to maximize profits. Common fillers may include such items as antifreeze, salt, battery acid, sugar, ammonia, talcum powder and even various types of laxatives.

In short, the meth received from the average dealer is far from pure, and who knows with what substances the product is cut. Many deaths caused by meth are due more to the filler ingredients with which the drug was cut rather than the drug itself. However, meth in all forms is a dangerous drug and a prime cause of premature injury and death.

How Meth Affects the Body Internally

The above list of chemical additives, fillers and preservatives that dealers use to cut meth should offer a clue as to the negative mental and physical effects to which users are exposed. Meth isn’t only one of the most dangerous and deadly illegal drugs – it’s also one of the most addictive.

Meth also boasts one of the quickest and most dangerous rates of health deterioration. People who abuse meth over a long period of time are apt to develop such harmful telltale symptoms as extremely advanced tooth decay and oral damage (“meth mouth”) as well as other conditions like extreme paranoia and uncontrollable motion of the limbs.

Meth overstimulates the brain and nervous system, causing an uncontrollable release of energy that, over time, can seriously weaken and damage the body. Meth can induce heart attacks, seizures and potentially fatal strokes. Meth can cause the face and body to age years before one’s time, making users look decades older than their true ages.

What an Overdose on Meth Is Really Like

An overdose of meth can take many forms. Some people experience extreme nausea, dizziness, disorientation and fainting spells. Others undergo a significant increase in heart rate, at times terminating in a heart attack.

Some people may experience intense mood swings, alternating between extreme emotional panic and violent outbursts of rage. Other users suffer horrific hallucinations. Still others will simply (and quite literally) drop dead, crumpling to the ground without a peep or warning.

Can You Survive an Overdose on Meth?

Will You Survive an Overdose on Meth? If you had the misfortune to overdose on meth, you already know what a terrible experience it is. Of all the things you’d want to repeat in life out of sheer enjoyment, this is assuredly not one of them. Yes, it’s possible to survive an overdose on meth, but is it something you really want to have to do?

People who run the risk of overdosing on this dangerous drug are literally taking their lives into their own hands. Prolonged use of meth causes severe damage to the heart, liver and kidneys, making your chances of surviving a sudden heart attack or stroke much less possible. Meth undermines your body’s natural immunity to fight off such dangers.

How and if you survive an overdose on meth depends on your individual constitution and level of basic health and resilience. However, even if you manage to survive an overdose, you may still suffer emotional trauma as well as lingering physical effects. If you’ve suffered and survived an overdose on meth, it’s an excellent idea to check into a rehab center so that you can avoid the temptation to continue using the drug, thus risking another (and this time potentially fatal) overdose.

How to Get Help for Addiction to Meth

If you’re suffering from addiction to meth, you should know that help is available. You don’t have to stay addicted to meth any longer. However, you should also realize that your addiction to meth is greater and stronger than you can possibly deal with by yourself. You need professional treatment and counseling for your addiction.

There’s always hope and help for even the most desperate meth addict. No matter how long you’ve been addicted, or how much physical and mental harm you may have inflicted upon yourself, you can break the cycle of addiction. If you’re ready to get free from your addiction to meth, call the special meth addiction treatment hotline at 800-447-9081 today for more information and guidance.

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