What Can Rehab Do For Me That I Can’t Do For Myself?

The decision to go to rehab is an important one for any person struggling with drug abuse. Many individuals think that they can manage drug detox and recovery on their own, but this mindset can be a stumbling block. In fact, rehab offers many services on premises that would be difficult to arrange for self treatment. These services can make the difference between success and failure on your road to recovery.

Medically-Assisted Detox

The discomfort of detoxing from addictive substances can be one of the greatest hurdles when an individual is on the path to sobriety. Although the person’s desire to stop may be strong, the physical reactions from detox can cause him or her to fail. Medical personnel at a rehab facility have extensive knowledge of the physical problems involved in this process. They can provide effective medications to relieve symptoms to make them more tolerable. This is one benefit that you won’t get if trying to go through addiction recovery alone.

Physical Assessment and Support

Years of substance abuse can take a severe toll on one’s health. An addiction recovery rehab facility has trained medical personnel on hand to do a thorough assessment of physical problems caused by the substance abuse. They also can treat these conditions so that the individual can resume a healthy, normal life. Skin conditions, lung conditions, STDs, HIV-AIDS, damage to the nasal passages and heart problems are just a few of the medical problems that can develop after years of substance abuse. Proper medical treatment of these conditions helps to restore the patient to functioning in their normal, daily life. Addiction recovery programs may also offer a variety of fitness classes to help restore a sense of control and provide healthier ways to deal with stress.

Group Interaction

Rehab also provides social interaction with others who are going through the same process of restoring their lives to normalcy. The experiences of others can have a significant impact on the patient’s ability to understanding his or her own substance abuse. The shared experience also builds a community that helps to support everyone’s effort towards addiction recovery. This aspect of being in a rehab facility can be invaluable in helping patients feel less alone in their struggle to regain control over their lives.

Mental Health Counseling

In many cases, substance abuse is associated with mental health problems such as depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder and posttraumatic stress syndrome. Addiction recovery rehab facilities have trained mental health counselors that can help to diagnose and treat these problems so that the patient can more easily deal with the stresses of normal life.

Spiritual Support

Rehab facilities also offer spiritual counselors who can help the patient restore their sense of value and personal control. For many people, this is an important aspect of their recovery; it offers them an effective method of forgiving themselves, restoring their relationships and finding the strength to overcome setbacks on their path to full recovery.


A high-quality addiction recovery treatment program will also offer a system of aftercare to provide a place for the individual to come to share his or her concerns and problems. Returning to normal life after addiction recovery treatment is often the most complex part of the recovery process. Individuals who have just overcame addiction need a safe place where they can share their everyday struggles with others who understand the difficulties of recovery.

These services work together in an integrated program to help those dealing with substance abuse find effective ways to deal with emotions and behaviors so that they can resume a fulfilling life in complete sobriety. Call a rehab facility today to find out the many ways they can help you regain control of your life and become a functioning person again.


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