Effects of Alcohol on the Body

There are both short and long-term effects that alcohol consumption will have on the body. Those who’ve indulged in alcohol may understand how such effects present, and how initially and over time they can be quite harmful. Alcohol use has been correlated to mental health affects like depression and aggression, but has also been proven to be linked to cancer, diabetes and other significant health problems including liver, heart and brain disease. If you’re concerned about being addicted to alcohol, call our alcohol addiction hotline for immediate help.

How long does alcohol remain in the body?

Calculating how long alcohol will remain in the system is dependent upon how much, and how quickly it is consumed. Primarily dissipated through metabolism, when alcohol is introduced into the body, it stays in the bloodstream until the body eliminates it through perspiration, respiration and urine. Known as Blood Alcohol Concentration, BAC level, alcohol can remain measurably present in the body and breath for up to 24 hours, in urine for three to five days, in blood for approximately 12 hours and in saliva anywhere from one to five days.

Duration of time it takes alcohol to “hit” the system

Alcohol will hit the system within a matter of minutes of consumption and on average will be absorbed into the body around the 20 minute mark. Alcohol consumed takes three times longer to be removed from the body than it does to enter it. For example, if a drink takes 20 minutes to hit the system, it will take 60 minutes to leave it.

Short-term effects of alcohol on the body

Drinking alcohol can quickly lead to effects like slurred speech, drowsiness, distorted vision or hearing and definitely impaired judgement. In addition, short term effects of alcohol on the body also include:

  • Lack of perception
  • Poor coordination
  • Memory lapse and blackouts; and
  • Headache and hangover

Long-term effects of alcohol on the body

Alcohol can decrease appearance overtime, impact physique and allow those who drink to suffer:

  • Severe injury
  • Job loss
  • High blood pressure and many medical conditions
  • Permanent brain damage; and
  • Liver disease

Eating while consuming alcohol, sipping drinks and striving for just one alcoholic beverage per hour can slow down the amount of alcohol going into the body. Altogether, alcohol remains in the body as long as it takes to effectively break it down and eliminate it, and the long-term effects of alcohol on the body may not be as self-noticeable as they will be damaging to the drinker and those around them.

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