Addiction Intervention

Numerous people with a substance abuse problem live in a constant state of denial. They don’t believe that they have a problem or, if they do admit it, they believe that the world around them is at fault. Well let’s face it, the world isn’t going to change just to make the substance abuser happy.

Do you need an addiction intervention?

Unfortunately, a common misconception is that those who are alcoholics, or involved with drugs, readily accept that they have a problem and actively seek help. That is simply not the case. Waiting for the abuser to come to make the first move is dangerous, to say the least, as the situation will only progressively worsen over time.

For example, imagine that someone you love were standing in the middle of a highway, looking away from traffic, and a car is coming directly towards him/her. You can see the danger that’s presented, but they can’t. Wouldn’t you do just about anything in your power to get their attention and warn them of that danger? Of course you would! This is the principle behind an intervention.

An intervention is an objective, non-judgmental and caring presentation of the truth to a substance abuse patient and, with the help of a trained interventionist, the process is facilitated to avoid the defense mechanisms and denial of the abuser while presenting viable solutions to the problem.

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